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Host Zoom Meeting directly from your Site
Zoom WordPress Plugin helps you seamlessly integrate Zoom meetings into your WordPress website.

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Excellent plugin and support

David Taylor
David Taylor

A Versatile Zoom Plug-In


This plugin has freed up my time!

Karen C
Karen C

How It Works

No more scheduling meetings using emails or calendar invites. Enjoy seamless, instant video conferencing by scheduling calls directly from WordPress.

Install the Plugin

Download and install the Zoom WordPress Plugin on your website

Connect to Zoom

Connect the plugin to your Zoom account using your API

Start Scheduling

Schedule Zoom meetings directly from your WordPress dashboard

Product Demo

Experience a hassle-free way of scheduling Zoom meetings with just a few clicks.
Check out the demo to get a glimpse of the various customization options, which take everything from participant registrations to host settings into account. 
Perfect for Publishers and Teams using Trello/ Jira/ Airtable

Publish from your favourite productivity tool

Check out how DocsWrite integrates with Trello, Jira, and Airtable, making high-volume publishing a breeze.

With a simple ‘Drag and Drop’ action on your favorite tool, you can now reduce your publishing time to less than a minute! 

Features of Zoom WordPress Plugin

Meeting Host Access by WP Roles & Capabilities

Assign hosts based on WordPress roles and/or capabilities

Zoom Meeting Countdown

Display a countdown timer for upcoming meetings

Restrict Meeting Access

Provide access to users who are logged in or allow access to all

Auto Join & Auto End Meeting Mode

Allow logged-in users to join the Zoom meeting on page load

Multiple Zoom Hosts

Allow multiple hosts to conduct meetings simultaneously on the site

Meeting Registration

Require your users to register for the meeting before it starts

Watch/ Display Recorded Meetings

Display call recordings on the meeting page (Pro Zoom account & Vimeo Uploads required)

Monetize Your Zoom Meetings

Monetize your zoom calls with Easy Digital Downloads & Monetize Meeting Addon

Feature Extentions and Add-ons

Extend the plugin's functionality using plugins like, Recurring Meetings and WISDM Instructor Role


Meeting Host Access by WP Roles & Capabilities

Assign hosts based on WordPress roles.

Zoom Meeting Countdown

Countdown feature for upcoming meetings.

Zoom Meeting / Webinar Reports

Generate reports on meetings and webinars

Auto Join & Auto End Meeting Mode

Automatic joining and ending of meetings.

Multiple Zoom Hosts

Support for multiple hosts in one meeting.

Full-screen distraction-free mode

Full-screen mode for focused meetings

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