Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts based on User Behaviour

Web monitoring tool with real-time tracking, custom performance metrics, and an easy-to-use dashboard. Make optimization decisions based on actual audience behaviour. 

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Product Overview

The Simplest Way to Streamline Content Publishing

DocsWrite simplifies your content journey by turning Google Docs into WordPress posts. Consider it your all-in-one dashboard that handles SEO with Yoast and Rank Math integration, scheduling, and style customization, effortlessly. 

Provides detailed and accurate insights

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Andrei Malyshok

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Easiness of the integration process

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Timur Mikhaylov


Game changer for publishers

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Dan Kulkov

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How Loado Works

Loado’s real-time performance analysis empowers you to optimize your website based on your audience’s behaviour. No more relying on lab generated data.  


Sign up for the tool and insert Loado's lightweight JS SDK to your website to enable data collection.


Measure performance from your users' devices, including page load times and network latency on the dashboard.


Make informed decisions based on real-time data collected from your actual user base.

Product Demo

Take a quick tour and see for yourself how easy to set up Loado is! Get a glimpse of the broad range of metrics on the Loado Dashboard in just a few seconds!

Features of Loado

Wide Range Of Metrics

Loado provides a broad range of metrics, giving a comprehensive view of website performance

Core Web Vitals

Track and analyse metrics that consider speed, responsiveness, and visual stability of your site

Custom Metrics

With User Timing API, Loado allows you to create and measure custom performance metrics

Real-Time Alerts

Set custom alerts and get real-time notifications via email and take immediate action on issues

Europian Privacy Standards

Loado stores data securely on European servers and ensures it's not shared or sold

Real User Monitoring

Loado uses real user data to calculate scores, making its evaluations accurate and relevant.

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