Google Docs to WordPress in 1-Click
One-click solution for transferring Google Docs to WordPress. Save countless hours while uploading content onto WordPress. Works with your favorite productivity apps.

🔥Save 20 mins per blog post

🙌Pricing starts at 25$/mo

🎉On call Installation support 

🆓14 Day Free Trial

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Google Docs to WordPress in 1-Click
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One-click solution for transferring Google Docs to WordPress. Save countless hours while uploading content onto WordPress. Works with your favorite productivity apps.


14-Day Free Trial for all plans! No credit card required. 10 exports while on trial.

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Connect Unlimited WordPress Sites

Enjoy 2 months completely free when you choose the annual payment option!

Integration is really Fast & Easy

Milena Manolova
Milena Manolova

COO of Team Color Codes

Saves me more than 2~3 hours daily

Subhashree Chakraborty
Subhashree Chakraborty

subhashree chakraborty

Game changer for publishers

Ross Furukawa
Ross Furukawa

President, Co-founder of Santa Monica Daily Press

Product Overview

The Simplest Way to Streamline Content Publishing

DocsWrite simplifies your content journey by turning Google Docs into WordPress posts. Consider it your all-in-one dashboard that handles SEO with Yoast and Rank Math integration, scheduling, and style customization, effortlessly. 

How It Works

Publish from Google Docs to WordPress in one click with DocsWrite, without wasting hours spent on manual formatting. Automate publishing and save time.


Login with your Google account and connect your DoscWrite account with your WordPress website.


Create all your content in Google Docs, including titles, slugs, tags, categories, and SEO elements.


Publish, save as drafts, or schedule content on your WordPress website with a single click of a button.

Product Demo

Perfect for Agencies and Small Teams

Publish From The Dashbaord

Take a quick tour and see for yourself how quick and easy publishing content on WordPress can be!  Whether you’re managing multiple websites or just one, the DocsWrite Dashboard makes publishing more seamless than ever before!

Perfect for Publishers and Teams using Trello/ Jira/ Airtable

Publish from your favourite productivity tool

Check out how DocsWrite integrates with Trello, Jira, and Airtable, making high-volume publishing a breeze. With a simple ‘Drag and Drop’ action on your favorite tool, you can now reduce your publishing time to less than a minute! 


Image Compression

DocsWrite compresses images to maintain blog speed and visual appeal.

SEO Optimization

Easily add tags, meta descriptions, other SEO details directly form Google Docs with Yoast and Rank Math Integration with

Publish from Anywhere

DocsWrite is compatible with tools like Trello, Jira, Monday, Asana and many more so that you can publish content right from within your workflow.

Integrate with Tools Using Zapier

With the power of Zapier connect DocsWrite with over 5000+ tools to streamline and automate your publishin.

Manage multiple sites from one place

DocsWrite's Dashboard lets you manages

Save as Drafts or Schedule

Complete control to setup the publishing workflow as per your need. Instantly publish, schedule or even save to draft for a final review

Docs to WordPress

With DocsWrite, you can focus on crafting great content while it handles the transfer and formatting from Google Docs to WordPress seamlessly. It’s a lifesaver for time-strapped bloggers.

Image Compression

DocsWrite’s image compression feature ensures your blog stays visually engaging without compromising on loading speed. With a single click, you eliminate all your image compression work.

SEO Optimization

DocsWrite’s integration with Yoast and Rank Math simplifies the SEO process, helping you reach your target audience effectively. 

Publish from Anywhere

DocsWrite’s compatibility with tools like Trello or Jira means you can organize, write, and publish your WordPress blog posts from wherever you feel most productive. It’s all about flexibility and efficiency.

Plans & Pricing

Publish your first Article using Docswrite within 5 Min

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