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The Ultimate Developer Tool for Tailwind CSS
Unleash Your Tailwind CSS Superpowers with Inspect Flow!
Effortlessly Inspect, Edit, and Copy Components from Any Tailwind CSS Website

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Any productivity boost for it is worth it

Valentin Hinov
Valentin Hinov

Founder of Thankbox

Powerful tool in my day to day work

Amrit Nagi
Amrit Nagi

Founter of Tailwind Toolbox

Amazing for those learning Tailwind CSS

Michael Andreuzza
Michael Andreuzza

Founder of Wicked Templates

How It Works

Inspect Flow is a browser extension to quickly inspectedit, and copy components from any Tailwind CSS website!


Learn how your favorite Tailwind CSS websites are built! Simply hover over elements to see the utility classes that are being applied.


See a component from a Tailwind CSS website you like? You can copy the complete HTML component right into your codebase in single click!


Further inspect how a component is structured and styled by viewing it on a CodePen Editor! See the complete HTML and a preview of the component.

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Perfect for Agencies and Small Teams

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Are you tired of spending hours recreating Tailwind CSS components from scratch? Say goodbye to manual labor and hello to Inspect Flow — the revolutionary tailwind css chrome extension designed to simplify your workflow.

Perfect for Publishers and Teams using Trello/ Jira/ Airtable

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Experience the game-changing capabilities of Inspect Flow in our demo. Witness the simplicity of inspecting, editing, and copying Tailwind CSS components from any website.


Hover to Inspect:

Discover the magic behind your favorite Tailwind CSS websites with a simple hover. Instantly reveal the utility classes applied to any element, empowering you with exceptional insights.

Copy Components into your codebase:

Have you ever fallen in love with a stunning Tailwind CSS component? With just a single click, you can effortlessly copy the complete HTML component directly into your codebase. No more wasting time doing the same thing over and over again!

View on CodePen:

Dive deeper into the structure and styling of any component by previewing it on the CodePen Editor. Gain invaluable insights and unlock endless possibilities for your own projects.

Edit Mode in Real-Time:

Make informed decisions before committing changes to your codebase. With Inspect Flow, you can tweak elements right in your browser and experience real-time feedback.

In-built Autocomplete:

Never struggle to recall the exact class name again. Inspect Flow’s integrated autocomplete feature ensures that every utility class is at your fingertips, making styling a breeze.

Discover the Endless Possibilities: How Inspect Flow Enhances Your Tailwind CSS Journey

Learn Tailwind CSS:

Inspect Flow is the perfect companion for anyone learning or getting the hang of Tailwind CSS. Explore existing components, understand their implementation, and elevate your skills to new heights.

Recreate Inspiring Designs:

Ever stumbled upon a jaw-dropping website and wondered how to recreate its elements? Inspect Flow enables you to dissect and replicate those eye-catching components effortlessly.

Streamline Your Workflow:

Save time and effort by swiftly checking how your design changes would look before finalizing them. Ensure pixel-perfect precision and avoid unnecessary iterations.

Boost Your Productivity:

Empower yourself with a tool that enhances your productivity. Inspect Flow speeds up your development process, allowing you to focus on what truly matters — building remarkable websites.

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