Virtual Classroom for WordPress

Transform Your Teaching Experience
Virtual Classroom for WordPress is a comprehensive, user-friendly, and effective tool that enables you to manage your virtual classrooms directly from your WordPress dashboard. It’s a game-changer for educators, offering seamless integration of live interactive classes into your course, lesson, or topic page.

🙌Pricing starts at 59$/year

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How It Works

Publish from Google Docs to WordPress in one click with DocsWrite, without wasting hours spent on manual formatting. Automate publishing and save time.

Install the Plugin

Download and install the Virtual Classroom for WordPress on your website.

Set Up a Video Session

Configure your video session with welcome & thank you messages, number of participants, logo, etc.

Insert the Video Session

Publish, save as drafts, or schedule content on your WordPress website with a single click of a button.

Product Demo

Perfect for Agencies and Small Teams

Publish From The Dashbaord

Experience the simplicity and efficiency of the Virtual Classroom for WordPress through our product demo. In this brief walkthrough, you’ll see how effortlessly you can schedule and manage live interactive classes directly from your WordPress dashboard. You’ll also get a glimpse of the customization options, showing you how to tailor the look and feel of your classes to match your brand.
Perfect for Publishers and Teams using Trello/ Jira/ Airtable

Publish from your favourite productivity tool

Check out how DocsWrite integrates with Trello, Jira, and Airtable, making high-volume publishing a breeze. With a simple ‘Drag and Drop’ action on your favorite tool, you can now reduce your publishing time to less than a minute! 


Randomly Select a Student

Engage your students by randomly selecting a student during the class

No Mobile App Needed

There is no mobile app to download or install. Everything is accessible from the browser

Past Room Recordings

Students can easily access and review their previous classes

Scheduled Start Time

Set a scheduled start time for the class for sessions that would start on a future date

Works with Modern Browsers & Small Screens

Ensures a seamless learning experience across devices

Admin Area

A separate Admin area to manage all rooms

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