February 5, 2020

13 Best WordPress Security & Vulnerability Scanners

Nowadays, people are looking for an effortless approach to scan their websites for security issues. Are you feeling suspicious that the website may have gotten hacked? Then you can do a quick security scan to detect it.

In this blog, I am going to talk about WordPress website security scanners. You can use these scanners to perform quick security scans for your websites.

You might be using an online scanner for performing frequent security checks, which covers the most common security issues. But, it cannot analyze your WordPress’s user accounts, database, plugins, settings, etc.

Online security checkups won’t be able to detect malicious code disguised by hackers. Hence, a dedicated security scanner for WordPress is essential.

Here’s a list of the 13 best website security scanners for WordPress.

1. SiteCheck by Sucuri

Sucuri’s SiteCheck can perform an accurate inspection for harmful code, website defacement, spam injection, etc. It will also check the website in Google safe browsing, which is a domain name blacklist tool.

SiteCheck will also scan your entered URL and the additional pages linked from it. Due to its accurate and quick scanning results, SiteCheck by Sucuri is considered one of the best WordPress firewall and security scanning tools in the digital world.

Sucuri is a website security & protection platform. If you wish to read more about it, than check out our blog WordFence v/s Sucuri for an in-depth comparison between the two platforms.

2. Google Safe Browsing

Google monitors billions of URLs. You will be able to check whether your URL is registered risky to visit by Google’s Safe Browsing tools. A website is regarded as unsafe if Google suspects it of spreading malware.

A website’s reputation can get ruined if the users visiting the site get a warning page from Google. It creates a wrong impression if your website is marked unsafe.

The Google search console will warn you if the website is considered unsafe. It will provide you with guidance to rectify the warning.

3. ScanWP

ScanWP is a basic vulnerability scanner, which you can use in detecting the version of your WordPress. It can also identify the WordPress generator tag and if the website is displaying it or not. You can find out whether you are using the latest version of WordPress through ScanWP.

The generator tag shows the version of your WordPress. Hackers can exploit it for targeting the website. Hence, it is best to remove it from your website.

4. WPRecon

WPRecon will detect your WordPress version and inform you if it needs any updates. It is a basic WordPress scanner similar to ScanWP. You can use it to check the index of Google safe browsing or for detecting the installed plugins of your WordPress.

Its other functions involve scanning directory indexing, external links, theme path exposure, JavaScripts, and iFrames. WPRecon will present the results for all scanned items in a proper format with a good explanation.

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5. Web Inspector

It is an online website security scanner that you can use in testing your WordPress website. Web Inspector has two primary functions.

  • First, it will check the website in Comodo analysts and Google safe browsing index.
  • After the scanning is complete, it will check for potential security threats. The security scanner will check for malware, suspicious code matching WordPress backdoor, trojans, worms, drive-by malware, suspicious files, and scripts.

6. UpGuard Cloud Scanner

Cybercriminals can hijack your domain name to misuse it for sending malware or spam. It is called the domain and server-based hacks. The UpGuard Cloud Scanner prevents it by checking your domain record, open ports, mail settings, and DNS.

Once the process is complete, it will check for other potential security threats. It will then display the results of the scan in a proper format.

7. VirusTotal

VirusTotal scans your URL for malware and security vulnerabilities. It does this by checking your website’s URL in various other malware databases. You can also use it to scan for suspicious code and redirects to the website header.

VirusTotal will give a detailed report after its scanning is complete.

8. IsItWP Security Scanner

You can scan your website for hacks or malware, and check your domain status in the search engines with the help of the IsItWP WordPress scanner. I will share the entire process of how this scanner works.

  • Submit your website’s URL in the IsItWP WordPress scanner.
  • Click on the scan button to initiate scanning.
  • The scanner will scan your entire website for any potential security threats.
  • Once the scanning is complete, you will get a detailed scan report of your website.

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9. WPScan

WPScan has an index of vulnerabilities scanned by their system. It will check your websites for those security gaps. WPScan can also detect your WordPress version, robot.txt files, and installed plugins.

Once the scanning is complete, WPScan will present the result to you with the explanation of each scanned item in a proper format.

10. WordPress Security Scan

With WordPress Security Scan, you can scan your WordPress version, installed plugins, themes, for any potential security gap. It also provides many advanced scanning tools to detect malware or other security threats in your website.

11. Pentest-Tools WP Scanner

Pentest-Tools WP Scanner can perform many remote analyses with WPScan in the background to recognize WordPress’s weaknesses, security vulnerabilities, etc.

The scan includes:

  • WP theme, core, and plugins version scan.
  • Plugin catalog.
  • Detection of WordPress users.
  • Display the result in PDF format.

Pentest-Tools WP scanner will share complete details of every vulnerability, and its effect on your website security. You will also get guidance on fixing the issues it highlighted.

12. FirstSiteGuide WordPress Security Scanner

You can perform seven different types of security checks for your WordPress website with this security scanner. FirstSiteGuide is a free online WordPress security scanner. I will share the list of security checks that this scanner can perform.

  • It can detect your WordPress version and notifies if it needs to be updated.
  • It will scan your HTTP headers to determine if your server is displaying any sensitive data.
  • It will check if the WordPress admin’s host is HTTP or HTTPS.
  • It will check whether HTTP has the access of readme.html, install.php, and upgrade.php.
  • It will try to get the list of all WordPress usernames.
  • It will check whether you have permitted browsable directories and Indexes HTTP directive is on.

13. Norton Safe Web

Norton Safe Web utilizes Symantec’s advanced detection technologies for checking security vulnerabilities. It can include phishing, malware, and spam patterns.

The scanner will display the scan results for users to analyze. Results will show computer warnings, classify threats, and trouble factors.

If your website is clean, it will get a score of 0. Norton SafeWeb will detect and display threats in case the site is unsafe. It will help you take corrective measures in fixing the problem.

I hope you found this article helpful for determining the right WordPress security scanner. These tools will detect different types of malware and help you take corrective actions against them.

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