April 14, 2020

3 WordPress Newsletter templates your subscribers will love

Finding success with email marketing is not just about regularly sending out email messages to your leads, followers, and customers to inform them about your new offers, sales or discounts. While this is an encouraging practice in digital marketing, several factors still determine how successful your campaigns could be.

With metrics such as subscriber count, delivery rate, and open rate taken care of, your fate could be largely controlled by the content quality and the resources for making them. Unless your offers are not realistic. This is where WordPress newsletter templates play a very crucial role.

Savvy marketers have for many years resorted to newsletter templates as a conventional tool for delivering high conversion rate marketing emails into their subscriber’s inbox. The most interesting is how most email marketing platforms, such as MailPoet, are positioning newsletter templates to fairly represent several industry niches and emailing needs.

For instance, common business emails such as event/conference scheduling, announcements, product promotion/description, etc. all have uniquely designed content-matching newsletter templates. This is not just to help facilitate email blasts for those regards faster. But to ensure the delivery of engaging and attractive reads to the targeted audience.

However, having too many newsletter templates can be overwhelming. Though it’s a good thing, sometimes, it’s difficult to make the right choice or even discover all the available templates in your email marketing tool.

Before we demonstrate how you could use some attention-winning WordPress newsletter templates your subscribers will love, let’s first consider some of the most important email writing tips and how they are covered in Mailpoet’s newsletter templates.

Tips for writing email marketing content

Tips for writing email marketing content

The attractiveness of your newsletter templates is not all it takes to make quality content. There’s a crucial need to write engaging newsletters, and you can’t meet or beat that need with social media skills. Email marketing is more personal and requires cognitive empathy.

Personalize your email

A general email copy will not always perform better than personalized email copy – in that your audience is not sure the mails are actually for them or not. Professional marketing emails are personalized; it includes the consumer’s name to directly communicate with them. Not the general public as we have in the social media.

This increases your email’s conversion rate by continuously reminding the leads of an email directly calling on them for action.

Win your readers with the subject line

You are not the only one sending newsletters to your audience. And of course, chances are high that they won’t read each mail. Begin your competition strong and compel your audience to read your newsletter as soon as they see it by writing catchy headlines. Give them strong reasons to open your emails immediately. It’s either you get it right from here or you blow away your entire efforts and opportunity.

Your subject line should not give your audience an impression “it’s something I can read later.” Most times, they don’t ever come back even after receiving another batch of emails from you. A good subject line is short, personalized, relevant, straight to the point, and include a simple call to action.

Keep your content short and clear

You don’t need to be reminded that people are busy. That’s why you must release the information you have quickly in a clear manner. Don’t waste their time with long narratives or include too many details in your newsletter. Also, avoid sending too many different articles even if you have come up with dozens in your first newsletter. Hold back some of them and give your audience enough information to let them contact you.

Be realistic and mention what you can offer. You also want to ensure that your copy is related to the subject line, otherwise, leverage the room for changes when there’s a need so you don’t sound off or disorganized.

Focus on the benefits

Some marketers make grave mistakes by focusing on the features of their services and products without ever mentioning the benefits in their emails. Most people don’t have the time and patience to figure that out if you’re allowing them to do so.

Showcase the benefits of all the offers you are making in your newsletter. This helps to present the practical application of your products or services, aside from making the content more valuable to your audience. Do not focus on the features but the benefits.

Write for your audience and establish trust

It’s wrong to assume that your audience would understand the technical terms, jargon or acronyms that would let you sound professional. Your newsletter subscribers are probably not experts in your field. Hence, you need to write in simple terms and explain what the must-use terms mean.

Part of how you could establish a trust with your audience is by being consistent. Let your readers understand your next move or the content in your next newsletter. This doesn’t suggest you shouldn’t try new emailing techniques. Just ensure they don’t feel tricked at any point.

3 WordPress newsletter templates that let you create excellent emails

The following MailPoet newsletter templates were chosen due to their extensiveness in covering all the basic needs for creating high conversation rate newsletters. These include usability, responsiveness, and how they seamlessly work across various email clients.

MailPoet newsletter #2


This newsletter template is an epitome of a well-advanced basic email template with carefully crafted sections to increase readers’ engagement. It has over 8 sections, beginning with the regular email format so you could personalize your email before introducing several services and products.

Branding agency news


You need the branding agency news template if you want something really short and more direct or you intend to play down on the regular email formalities. With only three extendable sections, you can go straight to your point in the first section and introduce other products and services in the latter section. Branding agency news template gives you a specially designed section for showcasing your portfolios and unlimited space for providing links to many related reads.



The guitarist newsletter template is one of the templates you want to use if you need to include event dates, their venue, and possibly topics in your newsletter. This template reduces the time for creating a table and aligning events against their dates for a conference or any upcoming activity you want your audience to track. There are sections to also include the event features and teaser images to excite your audience.

You may want to see the step-by-step procedure on how to add email subscriptions to your WordPress blog if you haven’t done so.

How to modify and send newsletter templates on MailPoet

  • From your WordPress dashboard, click on MailPoet > Emails. This should take you to the MailPoet emails dashboard
  • Click on the Add New button at the top-left corner and click on the create button inside the newsletter box. This should load all MailPoet newsletter templates.
  • Select the appropriate newsletter template from the list for an editable copy.
  • Click on any of the elements to edit them using the toolbar on the right. You can modify texts directly by double-clicking inside the text area. There is an undo and redo button at the top right corner of the toolbar. You can also drag and drop the items to change their positions.
  • To send or schedule the newsletter, click on the next button at the top right corner. You should also see the button on the right-hand toolbar when you scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • Enter the newsletter subject line, if you didn’t do that in the previous page and complete other fields.
  • If you wish to schedule the newsletter, check the box next to “schedule it”, enter the appropriate date and time, and click on the schedule button. Otherwise, skip to the next step.
  • Click on the send button.


The usefulness of WordPress newsletter templates is beyond being handy and good-looking. Your focus is on lead conversion and this is determined by your ability to create suitable content once you have the right email template. Newsletter templates in WordPress allow you to do away with the need for designing each time you want to send newsletters.

You could also save adjusted newsletter templates for later use after updating your logo and other brand-related features like social media links. This will improve the template’s usability while encouraging you to do more.

While there are many newsletter templates to choose from alongside the above-mentioned templates, there’s a crucial need to ensure consistent branding across all your newsletters. First put the benefits before your readers, don’t be afraid to make your newsletter brief and ensure that your CTA is valuable.

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