September 3, 2019

5 Different Types of Buzzfeed-like Quizzes on WordPress

Today, the taste of the online community has changed enormously. Different elements are in place to cover various human interests. Quizzes are one of the ways of engaging our curiosity and retaining our interest.

Why? Because quizzes are always fun! They are trendy. For website owners, they can be used when you are looking to get more traffic, email subscribers, and social shares.

Sometimes, creating and implementing the right quiz may even make you famous overnight, the way you see top-notch BuzzFeed quizzes skyrocket.

Using quizzes alone, Buzzfeed has managed to grab the focus of millions of people. The reason for this popularity happens to be the intensity of this type of content.

Users share this type of content more actively than any other form of content as it generates curiosity among the users with its eye-catching features.

To leverage the power of quizzes on WordPress, you need a handy quiz plugin, which lets you create a variety of quizzes and contests. The best way to make this happen is to use a quality WordPress plugin, like the WP Quiz Pro Plugin.

Now, let’s take a look at the many BuzzFeed-like quizzes you can create for your website.

Different Types Quizzes for Your WordPress Website

In WordPress, you can create all of the quizzes using the WP Quiz Pro Plugin. This is a lightweight WordPress plugin that facilitates you to create and manage various BuzzFeed quizzes on your websites.

These different types include:

1. Trivia Quiz


A Trivia Quiz is simple enough to create, but its effect is phenomenal. This type of Quiz helps you to attract your users and make your content viral on different social media platforms.

Moreover, having this type of quiz gives you a higher probability to get your content shared through different media. It is a gateway to make your content popular.

A Trivia Quiz will test your users with different questions that are solely designed to test the user’s skills, knowledge, and interests, by maintaining a proper sequence.

The main purpose is to create curiosity so that they will share the result among the users who are their friends and the members of the same workspace. The topic of the questions is interesting as it is extremely generic and based on the user’s general knowledge.

2. Personality Quiz


The personality quiz is another great way to engage your users on your website.

Using this strategy, you can determine the user’s mindset by asking various cool quizzes relating to personality. Based on the questions answered by your users, you can assign various points to your results.

Eventually, the result will be calculated by analyzing the answers attempted by the user. Personality quizzes are highly popular as people always want to know which personality group they are a part of.

3. Flip Card Quiz

A Flip card quiz is one of the most entertaining quizzing methods that can be accepted for your website. In this case, the user has to provide the correct answer by guessing.

The user clicks on the card they think will match the given card, choosing from a set of random cards. Usually, the flip card quiz doesn’t generate any results, it’s just a simple game-like quiz to entertain your visitors. The admin asks the question and the visitor has to choose the right answer. That’s it!

4. Swiper Quiz


A Swiper quiz is a simple yes-or-no quiz that deals with various comparisons based on your personal behaviors.

It really compares your interests, hobbies, and activities with other competitors. This is the easiest way to engage your users on your blog.

5. List Quiz

A list quiz can be used in many ways. You can make questions by listing, conduct polls, collect opinions, or just share specific content and so on. This could be treated as one of the ideal ways to engage your readers by creating BuzzFeed-like quizzes.

These are some of the most popular quiz types, similar to Buzzfeed quizzes, that can be used on your website. Manually, it would be a tough job for you to create such quizzes, but using a quality quiz plugin could be the best bet for serving your purpose.

There are several advantages of having quizzes on your website, mentioned as follows:

The Benefit of Using Quizzes on a Website

  • Engaging Your Audience
    The prime aim of having quizzes on a website is to gain traffic. You can engage your target audiences to your website by attracting using different types of quizzes. You also can create a returning event to improve loyalty among your visitors.
  • Making Your Website More Scalable
    Using quizzes on your website gives you the opportunity to scale real fast, real quick. Quizzes attract a large number of participants who reach your website and interact with it. It doesn’t matter where are you placing the quizzes, as long as the users are connected with the internet.
  • Balancing Light and Heavy Content
    Quizzes allow you to create different forms of questions to engage website visitors in different ways, one of which is by randomizing them. Randomizing questions prevents the users from getting bored and prompts them to answer all the questions in the quiz.
  • Increasing Your Email List
    Implementing quizzes on your site also helps you to collect emails from your users. This subscriber list gives you the opportunity to promote other relevant quizzes and products to your audience.
  • Creating a Source of Income
    When you run a highly useful quiz, which can offer value to marketers or academic researchers, you can ask for a relevant payment to disclose the results, provided you have informed the participants accordingly. You also can charge a fee to show quiz results to players on your site.
  • Moreover, you can get essential data about the players taking the quizzes on your website. Before starting any quizzing game, you set the quiz in such a way that will allow you to get key data from your users, with their consent, before they start playing. Later you can use this data for marketing purposes.

A Throwback

Quizzes are a highly interactive form of content, which if used properly, can bring down the bounce rate of your blog/website.

You can implement various types of quizzes and functionalities on your website to make it engaging, by using the different quizzes described above, in the post. Not only will this impress your users, but it will also make them more interactive. And who knows? Using these types of quizzes might even make your content go viral!

However, creating a great, intuitive, visually attractive quiz manually, i.e., without using a plugin, can be very tough for anyone. In this respect, using a qualified WordPress quiz plugin can take you a long way.

I hope the article helped you to know about creating viral BuzzFeed quizzes on your website. If you still have any query, feel free to share with me by leaving a comment in the comment box.

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