Epitrove Content Partner Program

Terms and Conditions

As an EpiWriter or Content Partner of Epitrove, you abide by the terms and conditions mentioned hereby. You also agree that you have read and understood the given terms and conditions before registering as a Content Partner for Epitrove.

NOTE: “The Company”, “Ourselves”, “We”, “Our” and “Us”, refers to our Company Epitrove.

NOTE: EpiWriter or Content Partner refers to a writer who has joined Epitrove Content Partner Program. Both terms refer to the same position.

1. Application 

We reserve the right to accept or reject an application for Epitrove Content Partner Program in our sole and absolute discretion. You will have no legal discourse regarding the rejection of an application in either of the programs.

2. Commissions 

  • As mentioned in the Program details, we will be awarding commissions for every successful purchase that happens on Epitrove through an Affiliate Referral Link. The conversion tracking window is 60 days post a referral link is clicked. 
  • The commission rate, as mutually decided in the communication, is set as 5% of the selling price of a product. 
  • We transfer the commissions through PayPal. You can withdraw the commissions you have earned once you have earned a minimum of $50. You can track your commissions through the Dashboard Area access to which will be provided once you join the Program. 
  • It is to be noted that you cannot refer yourself and make a purchase. Such activity can lead to the cancellation of this Agreement, the final decision of which is our sole and absolute discretion. 
  • No commission will be credited in case of a refund or chargebacks.

3. General Terms & Conditions

  • Plagiarised content is strictly discouraged and can lead to cancellation of the Content Partner Agreement. The decision for this rests with us in our sole and absolute discretion. 
  • You will not falsely market or publicise a discount or a deal without our written consent. 
  • You will not use the domain name of Epitrove in your own site url or social media handle. 
  • You will not market or advertise a product that is featured on some other website. You will not redirect users to any such destination. 
  • You agree to the use of referral links provided by Epitrove for tracking the conversions and awarding the commissions accordingly. You will not claim for any commission for a purchase transaction if it didn’t happen through your referral link. 
  • You will not use undisclosed affiliate links or spam links to advertise products on our platform. 
  • You will cooperate with the Marketing Team, Epitrove Editorial Team and Program Managers of Epitrove for all the operations of Epitrove Content Partner Program. 
  • The Epitrove Site (images, designs, templates, text, graphics, images, video, information, software, audio and other files, and their selection and arrangement) is owned by us under international copyright, authors’ rights, and database right laws. Any violation calls for copyright infringement under the mentioned Act or similar legislation which applies in your region. 
  • Note that terms and conditions are subject to partial or complete change at any point in time, without prior notice. However, we’ll do our best to notify you of any changes in Terms & Conditions.
  • The Editorial Team reserves the right to accept or reject a content piece written by an EpiWriter for final publication on Epitrove Blog. This is important for us to maintain the highest standards of content marketing on Epitrove. 
  • You shall not use any facility, such as a copy of a paid plugin for review purposes, provided by any member of Epitrove for any purpose other than that agreed upon by both parties.
  • All the articles will be finally posted by the Editorial Team on Epitrove Blog to ensure perfection in the content. The Team can make the final edits to ensure everything is on point as per the standards of the Platform. The writers will be given due credit every time and the articles will be posted under the name of the corresponding EpiWriter.

4. Termination

Any violation of the Terms and Conditions can lead to termination of an EpiWriter from Epitrove Content Partner Program. The final decision of the termination rests with Epitrove. Here are some direct scenarios that will lead to the termination of an EpiWriter:

  • Plagiarism or duplication of content is an offense and violation of intellectual property rights and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It will lead to direct termination of a writer. 
  • Unethical advertising techniques like using false claims and misleading external links can lead to termination. 
  • Offering rewards, discount or offers without our consent to influence a buying decision with an aim to get commission will lead to termination.

5. Liability

Epitrove is not liable in case of a technical failure like conversion tracking failure, lost cookies, etc that can lead to any indirect or accidental damages like loss of commissions. We make no claim that the operation of Epitrove Content Partner Program and/or our website will be free of error. Epitrove will not be liable for any interruptions or errors.

6. Confidentiality

 The Contractor will not directly or indirectly, use for the personal benefit of the Contractor, or divulge, disclose, or communicate in any manner any information that is proprietary to the Company. The Contractor will protect such information and treat it as strictly confidential. This provision shall continue to be effective after the termination of this Agreement.

7. No Conflicts

 Contractor hereby represents and warrants to the Company that its execution and performance of this Agreement does not and will not breach any other agreement and does not require the consent of any other person or entity.

8. Entire Agreement

 This Agreement constitutes the entire contract between the parties. No modification of this Agreement shall be deemed effective unless in writing and signed by the parties hereto.

9. Waiver of Breach

 The waiver by the Company of a breach of any provision of this Agreement by the Contractor shall not be construed as a waiver of any subsequent breach.

10. Severability

 If any provision of this Agreement shall be held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid and enforceable.

11. Indemnification 

You shall indemnify us against all claims, costs and expenses (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis) which you may incur and which arise, directly or indirectly, from your breach of any of its obligations under this Agreement, including any claims brought against us alleging that any action by us infringes a patent, copyright or trade secret or other similar rights of a third party.

12. Electronic Signature 

Accepting the set of terms and conditions mentioned here will be considered as your entry in Epitrove Content Partner Program and the agreement is a legally-binding electronic contract. Accepting the terms and conditions is considered as an equivalent of a handwritten signature marking your consent and agreement to this electronic contract.