March 3, 2020

5 Benefits of Building an Email List and How to Do it

Building an email list is a crucial aspect of online marketing.

But most entrepreneurs struggle to understand the importance of or even the reasons for including an email list subscription on their websites. They rather invest more on social media, which largely allows them to track their number of followers, and consumer feedback easily. 

However, knowledge makes a difference.

A clearer understanding of the numerous benefits of owning a WordPress mailing list could inspire you to consider an email list subscription as part of your marketing strategy. That is if you are still confused about the most promising online marketing channel.

We’ll briefly look at the meaning of the email list before jumping into the importance and how to build an email list in WordPress.

What is an email list?

Email List example

An email list or electronic mailing list is a collection of email addresses gathered by a business in order to engage with potential customers through email campaigns. It’s a lot similar to a list of names and addresses (mailing list) usually compiled by organizations for sending their customers and members publications or newsletters. 

Organizations are able to grow their email list by soliciting contact information from their product users or website visitors. CMS such as WordPress collects emails using plugins or third-party email campaign tools. This will be explained further in a later section on the WordPress email capture procedure.

Why build an email list subscription?

Email list is one of the most lucrative digital channel

Several studies suggest that email list subscription remains the most lucrative digital channel for ROI, with Adobe recording an ROI of $40 for every $1 spent, while Data Marketing Association (DMA), in 2019, reported an ROI of $42 for spending the same amount.

In Emarsys’ recent survey on small & medium-sized businesses with annual revenues under $100 million, email marketing controls over 80 percent of all consumer acquisition and retention efforts, according to the data.

These impressive results are not dwindling over the years by any means following the growing reports of how social media platforms are cannibalizing email.

A 2018 email marketing industry census sponsored by Adestra found that more respondents (78 percent) rate email marketing as excellent or good; a 12 percent increase from the figure recorded in 2008. 

Below are 5 reasons why building an email list is important.

1. Direct contact with potential clients

Direct contact with prospects

Creating an email list gives you the opportunity to reach out to potential consumers of your products/services without any form of limitation. You send a message right into their inbox without limitation on the number of times or the volume of information you could send them.

With an email list, you can also tailor messages to suit the users’ needs and possibly receive feedback particular to the client’s preferred services.  Email makes your communication with potential clients more personal.

2. More effective marketing schedule

It’s difficult to plan online marketing campaigns without having any ideas of the individual categories you’re communicating with and a means of reaching them. You can control how, when and who to contact if you have your WordPress mailing list.

This simply means that you can segregate, sort or share your contacts into different categories. Perhaps based on their interest, position in your customer journey or using other demographic factors.

This takes us to the next reason for building an email list.

3. Focus more on potential clients

Focus on potential clients

Email list subscription allows you to find out and segregate users that have already indicated an interest in your services or product. With this knowledge, you can focus more on what the users like, and follow them up with a different strategy.

4. Increased rate of return visitors

Increase return visitors

Every visitor on your website contributes to your company’s value. But sadly over 70 percent of the people leaving your website right now are poised never to come back. This is mainly if you fail to implement strategies that could lure them back, which includes the use of WordPress email list to regularly contact them. People are more likely to visit your website again when you email them, inviting them for a special offer or new services.

5. Increased revenue

Increase revenue

The use of WordPress mailing list to directly contact your website visitors could turn each of them into a lead. All you have to do is set up an email list subscription on your website, which will ask for their contact information so you can follow-up with them.

And joining your mail list through your website could mean they are more likely to become buyers coz they are already interested in your product or services. Emailing them personally gives you a chance of winning more consumers and since the average ROI on marketing is 4,200 percent, it’s an incredible chance of gaining more revenue.

How to build a WordPress mailing list

Building a WordPress email list is quite simple but slightly tricky. This is because WordPress collects emails using a plugin, which is not difficult to set up. But there are rules for making any email list subscription a successful one.

This includes how and when to request for the user contact information, type of CTA, your WordPress email list subscription design, etc.

Gaining user consent is a very important step as you build a WordPress mailing list. Though this is mostly not the case in cart abandonment where merchants use WordPress email capture plugins such as CartBounty to acquire user contact as soon as they enter them on a checkout page.

These are steps on how to collect email addresses on WordPress:

Step 1: Choose your email marketing tool:

Choose your email marketing tool

The essence of collecting user email addresses is to enable you to reach them. However, the process should not be difficult thanks to the availability of email marketing campaign tools. Why build an email list if you can’t reach the users easily? Simply eliminate all forms of stress by choosing the right email marketing tool. The best out there include MailChimp, MailPoet, and Newsletter plugin.

Step 2: Set up your email marketing account:

Having chosen your email marketing tool, the next step is to create an account with them and have it linked to your website. Your email marketing provider should provide an adequate guide on how to set up your account.

Step 3: Create a subscription form for your website:

Create a subscription form for your website

Creating an opt-in form using any of the mentioned email marketing tools is quite easy and straightforward. You only have to choose if the form should popup or attached it to any corner of your website.

Step 4: Offer something attractive:

Give out offers to collect email ids

It’s not enough to request for user contact information without giving them a reason to do so. Email list building requires you to regularly have something attractive to offer users. If you are a publisher, you could offer to send them the latest articles on their favorite niche.

Step 5: Create an attractive and non-distracting landing page:

A well-designed landing page with effective CTA such as “Start receiving it from today,” “Join our journey,” “Receive it now,” etc. could be all you need to lure more subscribers. Avoid any distractions such as ads or unnecessary information. 

Step 6: Drive traffic to your attractive offer:

Drive traffic to your attractive offer

The aim is to bring people to your website. They could buy your product instantly or only join your WordPress email list. Hence, you must work hard to bring as many users as possible. Of course, attractive offers make the job easier. You could achieve this through guest posts on other websites, social media posts or Facebook groups. Just don’t keep calm.


At the end of the article, here are a few more things we would like to add. 

Driving traffic to your website could be more effective through ads placement. And creating an email list helps you to generate the most leads from ads. Your email marketing strategy should also include a quality newsletter. Users could unsubscribe from your email list once the information they get from you is by no means going to improve them. You could win this by writing very informative newsletters.

And to answer our original question – Why build an email list? Well, it offers you an ROI of 4,200 percent, according to new findings. WordPress email list assures you of future deals; you’ll regularly have leads and this inflates the conversion rate of any business.

It’s really a no – brainer. 

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