August 6, 2019

8 Ways Rating and Review Plugins Make eCommerce websites Social Proof

Social proof continues to be an extremely powerful marketing tool at a time when consumers trust their peers more than brands. We’ve all been there, combing through customer reviews before deciding on a purchase. According to the Spiegel Research Center, the likelihood of a product with five reviews being purchased is 270% greater than that of a product with no reviews. This makes it even more powerful than top social media trends like ephemeral content, ad transparency, and social television. 

Reviews don’t only add credibility to websites, they also encourage further customer interaction.

Here are 8 ways how ratings and reviews help your eCommerce website:

1. Speak your customer’s language

Beyond actually speaking on your behalf, reviews also act as the long-tail keywords. What this means is that a collection of reviews, in effect, answers most of the questions consumers are asking search engines. And having answers to questions people are asking opens your e-commerce store to being rewarded by Google.

And because plugins give your reviews web accessibility, they ultimately help your website rank higher.

2. Rich snippet support

Plugins like WP Review Pro provide support for a variety of rich snippets whether you’re looking for reviews for books, movies, games, or stores.

rich snippet support

As you can see above, apart from ratings and reviews, these rich snippets give users an overview of what to expect, further enticing them to click when you show up on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). WP Review Pro, for example, supports 14 types of snippets to support every type of content or intent, and hence makes an effective review plugin for your WordPress website. 

3. Put reviews front and center

Whether it’s right on your homepage, on product pages, or on a dedicated page, reviews help put what others are saying about you in front of people. This means that they’re not only learning about your product, but the information is also being reinforced by past customers.

4. Create a unique identity with customizable templates

Most review plugins also come with predefined designs that you can start using immediately. WP Review Pro’s 16 pre-made templates, for example, allows you to tailor each template to your brand by customizing its colors and other elements straight from the control panel. This not only makes your social proof more aesthetically pleasing but also adds to your brand recognition.

Ratings and Review Plugins customizable templates

5. Star ratings

Similarly, star ratings have also become powerful social proof, both in the eyes of consumers and search engines. When people perform a search and see a result with five stars, it’s only natural for that website to get more clicks. Additionally, Google has placed increased emphasis on displaying customer ratings, meaning having such has a significant impact on your SEO ranking.

Star Ratings in SERP

For you to have star ratings, Google requires the reviews the ratings are based on to be visible on your site – another reason why having inclusive rating and review plugins is a must. It’s important to note that reviews need to be visible on your website, and not on third-party sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor, so that your pages rank above third-party websites for the products you have. To get star ratings on Google SERP, you’ll need to use a code called schema markup. You can learn how to set this up here.  

Additionally, plugins like WP Review Pro comes with multiple rating systems. So whether you need stars, points, percentage, or thumbs as a rating criterion, the plugin has you covered.

Multiple Ratings System

It even shows ratings on thumbnails, which helps you get more clicks on your posts. With this feature, WP Review Pro can overlay a product’s rating directly on the post thumbnail, encouraging interaction by attracting users to click and read more.

Review Templates of Ratings and Reviews Plugin

6. Multi-platform integration

Apart from being compatible with WordPress themes, plugins’ easy integration with multiple platforms allows website owners to embed reviews from various sources. For example, because Google is such a trusted brand, people put a lot of weight on the opinions they see on Google Reviews. As such, having them displayed on your website inevitably aids purchasing decisions.  

Multiple Platform integration

Apart from Google, WP Review Pro allows for seamless integration with other platforms like Facebook Reviews and Yelp. For Facebook Reviews, for example, all you need to do is enter your Facebook credentials and you can instantly start importing reviews.  

The more reviews and ratings you have from different platforms, the more it establishes the credibility of your products and services. This makes plugins with this kind of multi-platform integration a great marketing tool.  

7. Mobile and customer responsiveness

All the cool features review plugins have won’t achieve optimal results if it doesn’t look perfect on mobile devices. And with more than half of all internet traffic coming from mobile, being mobile-friendly is no longer optional, it’s integral.  

Make no mistake about it, negative reviews are not only part of the game, they even help reinforce trust. As noted by Neil Patel, 85% of consumers look for negative reviews to get a sense of the worst-case scenario and make an even more informed purchase decision.

But, while negative reviews offer a more complete picture, it doesn’t mean you don’t get to have a say. Plugins like Ratings, Reviews, and Feedback extension for LearnDash notifies you when reviews are left, for approval.

Having this sort of notification allows you to reach out to those who leave negative reviews and address the issue, enabling you to build relationships out of unpleasant experiences.

As well, the extension allows users to like and upvote reviews, which adds social proof to social proof – emphasizing the message.

8. Speed and security

Of course, your plugin and website might be optimized for mobile, but if it isn’t optimized for speed, then you’re drastically risking your bottom line. Every second count when it comes to loading speed. In fact, more than half of visitors will leave a page if it takes more than three seconds to load.

You can have the most aesthetically pleasing web design and the best products with the best reviews, but if your load times are compromised, then it will be all for naught. WP Review Pro, for its part, has an optimized architecture that ensures it loads fast on any website.  

Similarly, you’re going to want to protect all your hard work by making sure your website is secure. Just a single vulnerability on your website can wipe out years of effort. So when looking for a ratings and review plugin, look for one that protects you against any kind of security issue with its clean, optimized, and secure code.  

WP Review Pro – A quality plugin to get the job done 

Considered one of the best WordPress product review plugin, WP Review Pro allows you to turn your posts into smart reviews with features like ratings, pros and cons, affiliate links, rich snippets, shortcodes, and user reviews.

It comes with a comprehensive settings section, which allows you to manage and display reviews on your website exactly how you want it. WP Review Pro also comes with sidebar widgets to showcase reviews, and allows users to add their own ratings and reviews in the comments. Additionally, it also allows you to import reviews from six of the most popular review plugins in the market with just a single click. So even if you’re currently using another review plugin, WP Review Pro still has your back.  

Other features include:

  • Choose from over 600 icons. WP Review Pro’s integration with Font Awesome allows you to customize rating icons with just a few clicks.
  • Show average ratings. Choose the preferred source of your average ratings.
  • Custom location. You can place your review in any location within the post.

Perhaps more importantly, all reviews are displayed in rich snippet format for optimal SEO benefit.  


These days, there’s just no reason for an e-commerce website not to have rating and review plugins. Having reviews as an integral part of your web design not only helps turn even seasonal buyers into regular customers, it also figures in boosting your SEO. And with trust being such a central focus for consumers, you’re going to want what people are saying about your brand out there.

Here are some 10 good ways in which you can use ratings and reviews on your site. These will definitely help to understand, what you can do on your website for Ratings and Reviews.

People will speak up their minds about their experiences and thoughts, only if you let them. How do you plan to change the ratings-and-reviews strategy for your website? Drop-in your comments.

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