November 27, 2019

5 Plugins to Make Your WooCommerce Store More Interactive

Getting your visitors more involved with your store is a powerful way to build a relationship that will lead to sales and customer loyalty.

Many owners forget they can use their site to learn a lot directly from their new visitors and returning customers outside of digital data collection.

Here are some WooCommerce plugins to make your eCommerce site more interactive, entertaining, engaging and responsive.

1. Survey Plugins

WordPress Survey Plugins

Surveys are an excellent way to find out exactly what your customers want. You can incentivize surveys with prizes. Whether it is customer satisfaction you need to know about or feedback on a new collection, surveys are the easiest way to go about it.

Some of my favorite survey plugins for WooCommerce are Survey Anyplace and Modal Survey. Don’t forget to be a part of the Google Shopping rating program by collecting surveys and ratings after a customer completes a purchase.

2. Polling Plugins

WordPress Polling Plugins

Polling is similar to surveying but you generally let everyone see the results from a limited number of choices. Some survey plugins also serve well as polling plugins.

My favorite is Crowdsignal because it has an IP filter to stop visitors from twisting your results by responding more than once. Users can still change their IP but most are not that savvy.

3. Price Personalization

Price Personalization Techniques

Price personalization plugins can be used for a variety of reasons to enhance your customer experience.

You can offer special pricing for a client because it is his or her birthday, for example. You can create customer loyalty campaigns that integrated customer levels and pricing differentiation.

The functionality of price personalization plugins in WooCommerce is very simple. It is up to you to get creative on how you implement it. The dynamic pricing plugin by WisdmLabs is a good choice.

4. Flash Sale Plugins

WordPress Flash Sale Plugins

Everyone loves flash sales. You don’t expect them and they should be too good to ignore. Flash sales create excitement and interest when you want as an owner.

They are great for moving stagnant stock as well as creating activity on your site when it would otherwise be slow. The time limit factor adds extra fun and excitement.

Flash sales are great for sales and marketing. Finale is by far my favorite although there are quite a few good plugins to choose from.

5. Product Inquiry Plugins for WooCommerce

Product Inquiry Plugins for WooCommerce

A good product page should supply customers with all the information they need to make the decision to buy.

Still, there will be people who want to ask a question about a product. If they can do that as they view the product, instead of having head to a contact page, they are more likely to make contact.

If you get them to contact you instead of bouncing off, you are one step closer to closing the sale.

Product inquiry plugins should be standard on all eCommerce sites. WISDM Product Enquiry Pro is the best choice by far.

The Take-Away

Getting creative in the way you use plugins to enhance your WooCommerce website is more important than the plugins you choose.

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Diesel C
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