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Tap Into the Power of Words for WordPress

Welcome to the Epitrove Content Partner Program - or the “EpiWriter Corner” as we call it! The ultimate home of quality WordPress content. Here, we create and curate informative, helpful articles that WordPress readers love. Connect with readers all over the world and see your work attract the attention it deserves!

Here’s how the EpiWriter program works:

  • Sign up as an EpiWriter on Epitrove
  • Choose from a list of categories you want to write about
  • Select the type of article you want to write - listicle, guide, product review, etc.
  • Study the content template we provide for that article type
  • Pick a topic and write an article about any one or more products on Epitrove
  • Submit the article for Review
  • Make any revisions, if required, to the article
  • Submit and Publish the final draft on Epitrove’s blog
  • Get a commission on every product sale made through your article

Sounds good? Awesome! Reach out to us to join our program.

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Why Become an EpiWriter?

We hate to sound immodest, but becoming an EpiWriter can open up a lot of potential opportunities for you. "How", you ask? Here are some ways Epitrove can help you. With Epitrove you get:

#1 An Established Platform for Your Content

You are a WordPress expert but don’t want the bother of setting up and managing your own blog. This is where Epitrove comes in! We provide a trusted and reputed platform that attracts WordPress enthusiasts from all over the world, helping your blogs get the attention they deserve!

#2 A Large, Highly Relevant Audience

On Epitrove, you are assured of grabbing the right eyeballs for your articles, as we drive highly relevant, WordPress-centric traffic to the blog. Here, your articles are read by people who find value in your words and benefit from your advice, every single time!

#3 Complete Content Marketing Assistance

We take care of all the content marketing-related activities that are required to promote your blog. As an EpiWriter, you get to focus on what you do best - creating and publishing useful, reader-friendly content that is genuinely helpful for users - and leave the marketing and promotional headaches to us!

#4 The Path Towards Becoming an Influencer

Becoming an EpiWriter can be your first step towards becoming a well-known influencer in the WordPress industry. You bring the knowledge and expertise you want to share with the world, we bring the platform!

#5 A Rewarding Writer Program

We value all the research and hard work you put into these articles and so, we believe in helping you earn well from them. EpiWriters earn a commission on every sale made from the article, scalable up to 10%, providing you with a consistent source of passive income.

#6 Infinite Scope for the Future

It does not stop with just one article! As an EpiWriter, you can keep choosing from a variety of topics and writing newer and better articles time and again!

Who Can Become an EpiWriter?

All authors, editors, bloggers, and developers who want to share some content of value with our readers can become EpiWriters. The only things you need are a flair for writing and the relevant knowledge and experience in WordPress.

What Sort of Articles Does an EpiWriter Write?


A listicle will include a list of select products on Epitrove, compiled by application, category, or use. You will be expected to study these products and create a detailed listicle that becomes a quick-reference post for those looking for such category- or application-specific products.

Product Review

Your review of a product that’s available for purchase on Epitrove. The review has to be detailed covering the product features, benefits, applications, use-cases, pros, cons, and everything under the sun. Your post has to be the ultimate go-to review for those looking to understand the product.

‘How to’ Articles or Expert Tips

‘How-to’s are the types of posts that give advice and guidance to our readers and are quite popular. You can choose to write about business use-cases or Step-by-Step guides of products on Epitrove.

What do We Expect from You, as an EpiWriter?

An original, well-written article, of at least 1000+ words, which has something new to offer. Your article should be backed with enough research and should reflect the same.
Relevant images included the post, along with a feature image (300×300). In case you source these images from a third-party platform, be sure to credit the images accordingly.
Regular updates in the article to ensure that i

P.S. Take a look at our complete EpiWriter Terms and Conditions for more details.

That’s it! Epitrove endeavors to provide high-quality content and create a community of informed, knowledgeable writers and readers of WordPress.

If this sounds like a worthy goal to you, join us in our journey! Contact us to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We thought you might! Take a look at some of the common questions we receive.

How long do posts need to be?

The posts need to be detailed, around 1000+ words.

Can I submit posts that I’ve published on my blog or elsewhere?

No. We only accept content that’s been exclusively created for Epitrove.

Can I advertise my product or service through the article?

No. We do not accept promotional posts.

Can I add to or edit articles after publishing them?

Yes, you can modify your article after it has been published. Once all the changes are done, our editorial team will review it and post it online.

How do I know if Epitrove is the right platform for publishing my content?

We want to create a platform where the best minds of WordPress come together and contribute great ideas and great content. Our ultimate aim is to build a strong community platform where WordPress users will find everything they need related to WordPress. If that sounds like a vision you would like to be a part of, we hope that you join us!