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Epitrove is a first-ever marketing platform for WordPress products. It helps you reach out to a new set of buyers and opens up recurring revenue opportunities.

Grow your Business on Epitrove

What do you get by being on Epitrove?
Increases Sales

Increased Sales

Drive sales of your premium and downloads of your free WordPress products with help from our dedicated marketing team. Be a part of innovative strategies to increase your revenue.

Better Conversion

Better Conversions

Worried that users are downloading your free product but not switching to its premium version? With lead nurturing campaigns, we convince product users to upgrade to paid.

Large Audience

Larger Audience

Tap into an audience substantially greater with collaborative marketing. Reach out to your buyers, as well as those of other related products, and increase sales manifold.

No Exclusivity

No Exclusivity

We don’t lock you in or make you sign exclusivity contracts. Sell your product from your own platform,, or wherever you want, along with Epitrove.

Large Audience

Effortless Setup

Get your product up and ready to be showcased to a wide set of audiences. The setup process is hassle-free, with a dedicated Product Relations Manager supporting you all the way.

Benefit from Epitrove’s strong network of influencers
  • Inbound
  • Wp Mayor
  • Frip
  • Kasa
  • Wp Coupons
  • Newsify

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  • Inbound
  • Wp Mayor
  • Frip
  • Kasa
  • Wp Coupons
  • Newsify
How does Epitrove work?
Step 1
1. You Sign Up

You come on-board our platform and upload your awesome product. Our intuitive forms make the process super easy.

Step 2
2. We study your

We take the time to understand your product, it’s offerings, selling points, and what makes it stand out in the WordPress space.

Step 3
3. We create a
Product Page

We work with a team of SEO and product description specialists to come up with the perfect landing page that best represents your product

Step 4
4. We go all out with

We etch out a detailed plan to reach out to a relevant audience, to upsell the premium version to free users, and to tap into our affiliate network to promote your product

Step 5
5. We help you grow

We share insights with you about the campaign results, analyze customer response and feedback, share marketing know-how, and provide you insights to help improve your product

Step 6
6. We build a brand

It’s our job to help you succeed. We assign you a dedicated manager, solely focused on taking your product to the next level. He/She is only an email away to assist you with all your queries and to help you build your brand!

EpiSeller Testimonial

I joined the platform because I do most of the work all by myself, but my main focus is development of the plugin. Outsourcing some of the marketing of the plugin in this way seems like a great idea.

testimonial user

Koen Tycoon Media

And There’s More… for the Early Adopters!
The EpiSeller100 Programme

Being a part of the first 100 EpiSellers on Epitrove has some exciting, additional advantages:

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    Publication of in-depth articles
    your products on the Epitrove Blog

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    Featured coverage in Epitrove PR

  • icon 3

    Special mention on our Social
    Media Channels

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    75% commissions on product sales
    for the first 6 months

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Why should I sell my Product on Epitrove?
Epitrove is a one-of-a-kind WordPress marketing platform that hosts selected WordPress products and focuses on marketing them effectively to the right audience. Being an EpiSeller gives you an opportunity to use innovative marketing strategies and reach nearly 10x more customers!
What are the Terms and Conditions for EpiSeller registration?
We have a detailed list of rules and responsibilities for EpiSellers on Epitrove. You can find the complete list of Terms and Conditions here.
How long will it take Epitrove to review the Product I’ve uploaded?
The Product Review process can take anywhere between 3 days to a week, depending on the existing workload. However, we shall get back to you within 7 working days at the most.
How is Epitrove different from other marketplaces?
Unlike other marketplaces, Epitrove is 100% invested in marketing your product. We use content marketing, networking, influencer marketing, and many other paid and free marketing techniques to promote your product - at no cost to you.
How will the revenue be shared?
The standard revenue sharing model is 50-50. 50% for you, the product owner, and 50% for Epitrove. However, we currently have an EpiSeller100 programme under which you will receive 75% of the revenue for the first 100 sales.
Does Epitrove have an exclusivity clause?
No. Epitrove has no exclusivity clause. You can sell your product from any platform, apart from Epitrove.
What is the minimum payment threshold?
We have a payment threshold of USD 100, i.e. you can raise a withdrawal request once you have $100 in your Seller Account. Also, we have a monthly payment system.
What payment methods does Epitrove support?
Epitrove’s default payment gateways are Stripe and PayPal. If these are not active in your country, contact us and we’ll help you out.
Who handles the transaction costs?
All transaction costs are handled by Epitrove.