Epitrove is your very own marketing partner that helps you sell your
WordPress products better.

We help you reach the right audience, at the right time, who needs and appreciates your product.

So, what do you
as an EpiSeller
get with Epitrove?

Larger Audience

A Larger Audience

We bring relevant people to your product from all corners of WordPress, giving you nearly 10x more reach than you would normally have, with a cumulative audience.

Innovative Marketing Strategies

Innovative Marketing Strategies

We implement different marketing strategies to make sure your product gets all the attention it deserves. Think multi-channel marketing, influencer promotions, forum interactions, and much more!

Strong Influencer Support

Strong Influencer Support

We connect with the best writers and bloggers of the industry which gives you the opportunity to have your product endorsed by the top writers in the industry. Build the relationship of a lifetime in mere minutes!

A New Sales Platform

A New Sales Platform

Epitrove becomes an additional platform for you to sell your product, without moving an inch of your main website. And we don’t insist on exclusivity. We are here to assist, not monopolize.

Opportunities for Cross-promotions

Opportunities for Cross-promotions

On Epitrove, you get to reach your audience and that of other products as well! Connect with products that complement your own and create mutually beneficial growth opportunities together!

With us so far? Good.

Let’s tackle some money matters.

We have a pretty straightforward Commissions system. For every sale of your product, you get a 50% share. We get the other 50% which is then used for marketing, promoting, and writing about your product.

Here’s how we divide it up!

Want to read the payment policy in detail?
Take a look at our EpiSeller Payment Terms and Conditions.

With us so far With us so far

Want to read the payment policy in detail?
Take a look at our Payment Terms and Conditions.

Be Amongst Our First 100 EpiSellers for Added Benefits!

Right from the word go, Epitrove aims at creating maximum value for WordPress product developers.
So, the first 100 Products on our platform are set to have an added advantage
- the EpiSeller100 advantage!

Preferential Marketing

Preferential marketing of products for the first three months including exclusive support for landing page optimization


Publication of in-depth articles on popular WordPress blogging platforms that have thousands of visitors every month

Featured Coverage

Featured coverage in press releases for Epitrove where we talk about you, our
early adopters

So, what do you say? Want to be a part of a new generation of awesome WordPress marketing?
If yes,

Become an EpiSeller

right away!

What Do We Expect From You?

On Epitrove, we do our best to ensure that users have the best experience.
To this end, we expect a few things from you as an EpiSeller.

  • Maintain and update products regularly and constantly add new features that will be useful for customers
  • Provide timely and quality product support to the users
  • Update Product Pages to correspond with the new features of the product
  • Manage product Documentation and effectively address all setup, installation, and product-related queries which customers might have.

What if you get stuck on something?

No worries.
Our EpiSeller Support System is here to help you out.

Connect with Us

Connect with Us

Feel free to connect with our support and marketing executives, who are here to help you through any problem you face on Epitrove

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Stay Updated

Keep in the loop with our regular newsletter that brings you the latest news from the WordPress world

Connect with Us

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Learn all about the nuances of marketing techniques and sales to improve your portfolio on Epitrove

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Have some questions?

Here’s a list of the FAQs we usually get. In case you don’t find what you are looking for here,
head over to our main FAQ page for more information.

Why should I sell my Product on Epitrove?
Epitrove is a one-of-a-kind WordPress marketing platform that hosts selected WordPress products and focuses on marketing them effectively to the right audience. Being an EpiSeller gives you an opportunity to use innovative marketing strategies and reach nearly 10x more customers!
What are the Terms and Conditions for EpiSeller registration?
We have a detailed list of rules and responsibilities for EpiSellers on Epitrove. You can find the complete list of Terms and Conditions here.
How long will it take Epitrove to review the Product I’ve uploaded?
The Product Review process can take anywhere between 3 days to a week, depending on the existing workload. However, we shall get back to you within 7 working days at the most.
What is Epitrove’s commission rate?
All EpiSellers are awarded 50% commission for every product sale. This commission will be deposited in your EpiSeller Account every time a purchase is made. You can Request a Withdrawal once a minimum threshold is reached.