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Epitrove EpiPartner Program - The Impartial Authors of WordPress

So you want to become a part of Epitrove’s Affiliate Community? Here’s how the EpiPartner program works:

  • Sign up as an EpiPartner on Epitrove
  • Choose from a list of categories you want to write about
  • Select the type of article you want to write - listicle, guide, review, etc.
  • Write an article about any one/more products on Epitrove
  • Post the article on your website
  • Promote it using your social media handles
  • Get recurring commissions, starting at 15%, on every product sale made through your article
  • Partyyy!!

Why Be an EpiPartner?

Being an EpiPartner has a lot, and we mean, a lot of advantages. Here are a few for you! With Epitrove, you get:

#1 Quality Products for Your Readers

Our primary aim is to promote carefully researched products that are going to be extremely useful for WordPress users all across the world. We recommend the right products based on the requirements of your readers, helping you build and nurture trust within your audience.

#2 Rewarding Partner Program

The EpiPartner Program is designed for our mutual growth. As an EpiPartner you get the opportunity to discover and advocate the quality products on Epitrove while getting paid for it as well!

#3 Curated Knowledge Centre

On Epitrove, we plan to create a curated knowledge center that will focus on producing solution-oriented content that offers everlasting value. As an EpiPartner you can contribute to this endeavor and help us create a concise, concentrated, valuable WordPress knowledge resource.

#4 Long-Term Commissions

By writing once about the products we have on Epitrove and updating the article at regular intervals, you are assured of a constant stream of passive income for a long time, as your referrals keep coming to us. The better your article performs, the greater your commission share!

#5 Regular Payouts

Every time a referral from your article purchases a plugin, at least 15% of the product value is attributed to you and deposited in your Affiliate Account. You can request a withdrawal any time after a minimum threshold is reached!

So, what do you say? Ready to generate awesome content for your readers? Become an EpiPartner.

Who Can Become an EpiPartner?

To tell you the truth, we’d love if all of you could become our affiliate partners but, with heavy hearts, we’ve laid down some ground rules to make sure we have a mutually beneficial relationship. Here’s what you need to become an EpiPartner:

  • A nice, independent platform to publish your articles
  • A keen interest in writing good, in-depth (say about 1000+ words), thought-provoking articles that offer genuine value to readers
  • A substantial following on social networks who can benefit from these articles
  • Readiness to address any questions or comments people might regarding the article and resolve those queries
  • Regular updates in the article, as the plugin/theme gets updated, so the content stays relevant and useful at all times

Take a look at the complete list of our EpiPartner Terms and Conditions right here.

That’s it! Our ultimate aim is to create an unbiased WordPress ecosystem, where each product stands only on merit. To this end, we intend to provide highly useful and engaging content to all readers, which is impartial and authentic, advocating the use of only good products.

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