January 27, 2020

8 LearnDash Add-Ons to Power Your eLearning Site

So, you’re creating an e-learning website.

You’ve chosen the popular CMS WordPress to set up your site and you’re ready to go!

Now, to help turn your WordPress website into a successful online learning site, you can’t have a better partner than the LearnDash LMS plugin. With the flexibility of WordPress and functionality of LearnDash, you can easily start selling your courses online in little-to-no time. 

But at this point, you may be a little skeptical. Maybe your site has specific requirements or special use cases. And you’re wondering whether you’ll get enough features out of this LearnDash plugin to cater to all your needs. The answer is -YES. Thanks to LearnDash add-ons, you’ll never run out of features for your WordPress-based e-Learning site.

Here we’re going to tell you about 8 such add-ons. But before that, let’s take a brief look at their advantages.

Advantages of LearnDash add-ons

LearnDash add-ons are small extensions that can be used to extend the functionality of your LearnDash plugin. By adding them you can implement a number of new features to your site, and those features may be wide-ranging as you’ll see below in our list of add-ons.

They also allow you to maintain the flexibility and scalability in your site, because most of your functions remain independent of the core platform. You can use add-ons in a very flexible plug-and-play manner. Do you want to add a feature? Swap out one feature for another? Simply plug-in the add-ons you need and take away ones you don’t.

 That’s what LearnDash add-ons bring to your site. With that in mind, now we can take a look on 8 important add-ons that can be used with LearnDash.

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#1. WooCommerce Integration

The WooCommerce Integration add-on allows you to integrate the functionality of WooCommerce into your online course selling website. Once it’s added to your LearnDash installation you can map your courses to products you create in your WooCommerce shop. You can link one or more courses at the same time to your product, and you can also choose a payment gateway of your own choice to work with. You can also charge a recurring fee for access to your courses.  It can automatically block users from accessing your courses if they’ve been refunded or canceled their subscription.

#2. Gravity Forms Integration

When you operate an e-learning website that offers courses, it’s also natural that you’ll have to create forms to allows users to register for your courses. And when it comes to creating custom forms, there’s no better plugin than Gravity Forms. Keeping this in mind, LearnDash has created an add-on for Gravity Forms plugin too. It allows you to create a form of your own choice, customize it to suit your needs, and enrolls your customers automatically to your courses upon submission of those forms.

Note that the integration requires an Elite license from Gravity Forms.

#3. Content Cloner

As its name suggests, this Content Cloner add-on allows you to easily create a clone of your courses. You can also mass-update the titles of your cloned courses. It only requires the click of a button, and rest is taken care of by the LearnDash plugin itself. Once a course is cloned, it’s saved in the drafts. You can then use it to create another copy of your course for a particular section of learners.

#4. LearnDash Notes

The LearnDash Notes add-on allows your learners to take notes as they go through various lessons of a course. The notes can then be exported or printed, depending on their choice. What it does is creating a separate “Notes” tab on each of your course pages, and learners can switch to that tab to see all of their notes. To take notes they can easily click the Notes button that appears on all of your course pages. The notes are taken in a WYSIWYG text editor, so your learners can also take advantage of rich text formatting while taking notes.

#5. Instructor Role

Instructor Role add-on from WisdmLabs allows you to add the functionality of creating an “Instructor” account on your site. With this functionality, people can also sign up on your online learning website as instructors so they can upload their own courses and learning material for learners. LearnDash by itself doesn’t come with instructor roles, so you must get this add-on if you want other people to sign up on your site as instructors.

#6. LearnDash Toolkit

If you want to further customize your LearnDash experience, you can do so by adding another add-on called ‘LearnDash Toolkit’. With this add-on, you can easily change almost every aspect of your e-learning website like WP-login page, admin bar, Log-in/Log-out links and much more. You can also add a ‘Resume’ button to your courses, which will allow your learners to resume their learning from exactly where they left off. You can control the visibility of menu items based on whether a user is signed in or not and much more than that.

#7. Adaptive Learning with LearnDash

This add-on allows your instructors to create courses that are non-linear in nature. What that means is that there can be multiple child courses inside a course, so your learners can understand things in a non-linear fashion based on their own knowledge and skills. A quiz can be used to determine the level of knowledge your learners have, and then based on that they can directly be recommended the right Child course that they can take to further improve themselves.

#8. WisdmApp

Finally, we have the WisdmApp, which is a service provided by WisdmLabs. Creating a mobile app for your e-learning website gives students the freedom to learn on the go, whenever they want.

You to set up all aspects of a mobile app like push notifications, personalized views based on the student’s progress and swipe navigation. 

With an app of your own, you can easily step up the game of your business on par with your competitors. Adding and removing features from your app is easy, and you also get access to analytics to help grow your user base.


So this was our list of 8 popular LearnDash add-ons that you can use to extend the functionality of your WordPress-based online learning site. As you can see, they provide you almost all features that you might have seen on any other online learning site. So go ahead and develop your desired learning site with WordPress, LearnDash and all of these add-ons. 

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