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Make WordPress search easy with Relevanssi search engine

Relevanssi – WordPress Search Plugin

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Improve the search experience with relevanssi, the best search engine plugin for WordPress. Control what is searched on your website and how.

What is special about this product

  • Scan and index content from PDFs on your website
  • Search by multiple taxonomy terms like categories, tags, custom taxonomies is supported
  • Common search across all subsites of a multisite installation enabled
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Relevanssi – WordPress Search Plugin

WordPress Search Plugin by Relevanssi

Relevanssi is the best alternative to the traditional WordPress search functionality on your website. Make website search more intuitive, faster, and easier to set up with the Relevanssi plugin. There a ton of options to customize search query results – by content type, content weight, relevance, date of publication, and other custom fields.

Advantages of Relevanssi WordPress Search Plugin

  • Help users find the most relevant results first

Relevanssi search plugin helps you sort and display the search results by date, relevance, type of content, and user profile. This ensures that your viewers see the results that are most useful for them first.

  • Enable search queries to display results from comments and comment authors

Include comments and comment authors in the search results to target relevant keywords in the search queries. Comments can contain rich content that is highly useful for your audience, which makes indexing comments a good idea.

  • Target all content on the website by enabling post, category, tags, and taxonomy search

Allow users to search for content using category and post names, tags, and taxonomies. You can even index custom fields in case you have a very niche website and want to target a highly specific audience.

  • Index shortcode content

Content in shortcodes is usually ignored by search engines; however, they contain highly relevant keywords that can help users find precisely what they are looking for. Relevanssi search plugin lets you index these shortcodes as well, to improve website search.

  • Show recommended and auto-corrected searches

Relevanssi search plugin takes spelling mistakes into account and auto-corrects the word to show relevant results. It has a ‘Did you mean?’ feature which shows all related and recommended terms for the search query.

  • Highlight searched terms in the results

You can highlight the words that the user has searched for in the search results, so users can easily find out how useful the result is for them. 

  • Enable broader search by including searches for synonymous words

Relevanssi includes synonyms for the search query in the results as well, so visitors can check additional results that are related to their question.

  • User Profiles included in search results to help users search by name on the website

In addition to searching posts, articles, and other keywords, Relevanssi lets visitors search for specific user profiles on the website. For instance, on an ecommerce website, a potential customer can look for a specific seller by name, and then browse all the products he has on his store.

  • Index content from PDF, DOC, ODT, RTF, ePUB formats

A lot of websites have great, highly useful content on their websites, in the form of downloadable PDFs, documents, or in other formats. Relevanssi indexes the content from these documents and ensures that all the content is presented to your audience.

  • Multisite search made easy

In case of a multisite installation, Relevanssi indexes all the content on these subsites under a single domain. This ensures that even if the search query is not related to that particular website but is related to another of your subsites, users will still be able to see the relevant result. In addition, it increases domain authority for the main site as well.

  • Customize search weights for the different types of content

The Relevanssi search plugin lets you add search weights to the different elements on your website. So, depending on the type of website, you can give greater importance to posts, articles, comments, user profiles, landing pages, categories, etc.

  • Manage Relevanssi more easily with WP CLI 

Relevanssi makes content indexing easier with command line interface integration. Since adding new commands to WP CLI is very simple, it includes some tasks that can be done well from the command line.

  • Get access to fast, exclusive support from the developers

Relevanssi has an extremely strong support system to resolve customer queries lightning-fast. The Premium users get access to front-of-the-line customer service for the duration in which their license is valid.

Applications of Relevanssi WordPress Search Plugin

The Relevanssi search plugin can be used whenever there is a need for a search bar. This includes:

  • Online shopping websites (eg. Amazon, Etsy, Flipkart, eBay)
  • Online media streaming websites (eg. Netflix)
  • Social media websites (eg. Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Online services websites (tax payments, government websites, etc.)
  • Rental websites (Ola/Uber, real estate, etc.)
  • Job portal websites (UpWork, Fiverr, etc.)

….and many more!


What do People Say About Relevanssi?

“I’ve used Relevanssi for several years now, and it is an essential plugin on my bigger sites. Relevanssi is an absolute must-have if you want to offer a better user experience on your WordPress website, because we all know how important a good search function is (and how bad the standard WordPress search is). Mikko keeps adding new features – I love the PDF search and more recently the related posts feature. Support is excellent, even for help with non-standard features. Thanks Mikko!”

Dr. John Gøtze


“I’ve mentioned this before in my reviews, that a plugin is only as good as it’s support – and the support for this plugin is outstanding! Ok, so it’s a search box. You can search for things with it. Me being me though, wanted something extra with my search results, in that if a user decided to search for something outlandish – rather than being taken to a generic ‘no results are found for your search term’ thingy – users got redirected to a ‘No Results’ page that had videos of cats on it. Within hours, a snippet was provided that did just that! Wonderful support, and of course, a wonderful search plugin!”

Steve Raven


“I am two years new to the website business. I have, however, been a graphic designer for nearly 40 years. I purchased Relevanssi after reading so many positive reviews. I had some issues getting Relevanssi installed — not because of product, but because of where I am in the learning curve. 

I contacted Mikko and he got me all set up, including fixing some other issues I had created in Google, which were sure to cause problems with Relevanssi. I can’t say enough positive things about Mikko. He responded to all my questions immediately, and I mean immediately. He never snarked, was always positive, and never made me feel like I don’t know what I’m doing — which I often don’t! 

Mikko and his product are top-shelf. The last search plugin I used displayed way, way too many results. I was afraid all the search results would be overwhelming to the user. I like the way Relevanssi displays and allows you to narrow down results as you want.”

Kay Cunningham


Compatibility Details for Relevanssi Search Plugin

Relevanssi Search Plugin is compatible with:

Relevanssi is NOT compatible with:

  • Sensei
  • BuddyPress
  • WP Job Manager
  • NextGen Gallery
  • Beaver Builder

Tech Details

Relevanssi – WordPress Search Plugin
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$99 /year $349 /lifetime
Comments and comment authors search enabled i
Search queries look for relevant results in comments and comment authors
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Post, category, tags, and taxonomy search supported i
Target all possible content formats
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Shortcode content indexing i
Help users find results using shortcodes
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Show recommended searches i
Autocorrect spelling mistakes to show the closest possible results
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Highlight searched terms in the results i
Enable users to skim through search results
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Broader search using synonyms i
Expand number of results shown by including similar words in search
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User Profiles included in search results i
Help users search by name on the website
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Index content from PDFs i
Display search results from PDfs, DOC, ODT, RTF, ePUB formats
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Customize search weights i
Give greater importance to articles and posts in search results
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