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One-stop solution for dynamic pricing across your store

WISDM Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce

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Manage prices hassle-free
Make customers feel special
Increase members by setting discounts
Build loyalty at every level
Persuade people to place high purchase orders
Handle and use pricing data with ease
Perfect dynamic pricing plugin for your WooCommerce Store, WISDM Customer Specific Pricing lets you use dynamic pricing for customers, user roles and groups

What is special about this product

  • Effortlessly set discounts (percentage, fixed or tiered) for customers, user roles, and buyer groups.
  • Offer multiple prices for products or product categories for selected users or customer groups.
  • Import or export pricing data in bulk using the Product ID or SKU, to swiftly update prices.
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WISDM Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce

Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce

WISDM Customer Specific Pricing built by Certified WooCommerce experts (WisdmLabs) is a one-stop solution to set dynamic pricing across products on your WooCommerce Store. The plugin covers all types of discount formats like time-based, discount percentage based or even role-based. Varying discounts can be set for different customers, user roles and groups, using this dynamic pricing plugin. The bulk-editing of prices and quick import/export saves a lot of time and effort.

WISDM Customer Specific Pricing – All Free Features

        1. Set prices and discounts for selected customers

WISDM Customer Specific Pricing allows you to set prices and discounts for individual customers to make them feel special. Setting prices/discounts for different user roles and groups can be done by using the PRO version.

        2. Import or Export pricing data in bulk

You can import or export bulk pricing data using a product ID or SKU. This lets you smoothly edit or manage pricing data in a hassle-free manner enabling you to handle and use pricing data with ease.

However, importing/exporting pricing data for customers, roles/groups can be done using the premium version

        3. Manage prices from product page

This feature lets you add/remove prices set for individual customers directly from the product add/edit page.

       4. Sale prices for products

With the WooCommerce dynamic pricing and discount plugin, you don’t have to worry about the Sale prices for products. The price you set for an individual customer will replace the sale price always.

WISDM Customer Specific Pricing – All Premium Features

        1. Customer-Based Pricing

This WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin allows you to set different prices for individual customers/roles creating a personalized buying experience, thereby, making them feel special.

        2. Role-based pricing

You can increase your customer base/members by setting product discounts for different types of user roles like wholesalers, customers, manager and more.

        3. Group-based pricing

This feature allows you to set different prices for different groups which will build a sense of happiness and loyalty amongst your customer groups.

         4. Cart discounts rule

The WISDM Customer Specific Pricing plugin helps in persuading people to place high purchase orders by setting up personalized discounts on items added to the cart to close the sale quickly. You can set discount rules to automatically show offers for new, existing and guest users. Additionally, you can also give higher discounts on large quantity purchases and bar certain products, user roles, etc. from your discount rules.

        5. Set discounts across a Product Category

For the selected customer(s), user role or customer group you can apply discounts to all the products in a product category to save time and effort! Setting discounts was never this simple!

        6. Tiered Pricing for bulk shopping

The WISDM Customer Specific Pricing helps in retaining buyers forever who visit your WooCommerce Store for bulk purchases by offering discounts for larger quantities, i.e. tiered prices. For e.g., 10% off on purchase of one t-shirt & 30% off on purchase of two. Based on the purchased quantity, you can use tiered pricing to auto-apply discounts.

        7. Easy management of prices

With WISDM Customer Specific Pricing, you can easily search, edit or delete pricing data for a customer, user role, group or a product category making the pricing management simpler and stress-free.

        8. Set prices efficiently 

The Product Pricing Tab helps you apply discounts on multiple products at the same time! The single-screen can be used to set discounts across the selected products for different customers in a jiffy. 

        9. Edit Pricing Display options

Using the WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin, you can show the original price of a product with a strike-through to emphasize the difference. You can also enable/disable the option to apply a percentage discount over the default product sale price to display change.

        10. Multi-site compatibility

WISDM Customer Specific Pricing plugin works seamlessly on WordPress multisite to ensure smooth management for WordPress administrators

        11. Quantity based pricing for wholesale and bulk purchasers

You can offer quantity-based pricing, i.e. BOGO (Buy One Get One) style of discount technique on your WooCommerce Store. For e.g: “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” by offering two products for the price of one. This type of discounting technique helps wholesale buyers in managing their Woo store.

        12. Control the Pricing display option

The WooCommerce discount plugin allows you to hide the price total on the product page when the user adds a high-quality product. Additionally, you can also add a custom text to the “Read More” button option if you are offering a particular product for a limited time.

        13. Set up personalized cart offer messages

You can add a customized message to persuade your buyers to increase their purchase value in order to avail the discount. Furthermore, you can also add a custom message that will pop up once the discount is applied and will display the total amount saved.

Customer Testimonials:

“I tested many woocommerce pricing extensions including the original from woo and they had the best one. They beautifully addressed all the pricing customizations that I needed.”

– Motti Kleinmann

“We bought the Customer Specific Pricing plugin for WooCommerce and were very happy with it. We needed some changes made to it to suit our needs and WisdmLabs made the changes quickly and efficiently.”

– Mark Oxenham


The WISDM Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce is an ultimate plugin providing enough flexibility to set different pricing criteria for various kinds of customers giving you an opportunity to personalize the connection with your users with respect to pricing ultimately leading to a purchase decision.

WISDM Customer Specific Pricing is featured on:

  • WP Mayor, Bobwp, Kasa Reviews, WPEXPLORER, and Frip.in


WISDM Customer Specific Pricing FAQ’s

  • Is the WISDM Customer Specific Pricing compatible with the WooCommerce Product Table?

Yes, it is compatible with the latest version of the WooCommerce Product Table.

  • Does the dynamic pricing plugin work with all product types?

Currently, the plugin works with WooCommerce Simple Product and Variable Product types.

  • What kind of customer does the plugin support?

You can add a price for any customer with an account on your website.

  • Can I hide the price total displayed when the quantity is updated on the product page?

Yes, you can hide the product total displayed on the product page. Click Wisdm Customer Specific Pricing in the dashboard menu, under the setting tab you will find an option to hide the price total on the product page.

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WISDM Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce
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Manage prices from the product page i
Manage prices hassle-free
  Paid Features Tick
Customer-Based Pricing i
Make customers feel special
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Role-based pricing i
Increase members by setting discounts
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Group-based pricing i
Build loyalty at every level
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Cart discounts rule i
Persuade people to place high purchase orders
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Import or Export pricing data in bulk i
Handle and use pricing data with ease
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Question:Does this plugin allow you to set discounts for everyone from a particular email domains?
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Question:If I purchase this CSP plugin for a year, that means I wont be able to use the plugin after 1 year or will the updates wont work on the plugin after 1 year.
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Answer: Hello Gautam,

Thank you for showing your interest with Customer Specific Pricing Plugin for WooCommerce. We have annual licenses on Epitrove i.e you can still use the plugin but after a year you will not receive updates and support until you renew the license.

Feel free to post here if you have any more queries :)

Samrat Roy.
Samrat RoyBy Samrat Roy Staff on Sep 3, 2019
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