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Security plugin to protect your website from hackers

SecuPress – WordPress Security Plugin

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SecuPress security plugin for WordPress protects your website from bad bots and malware. Control website access and safeguard all your data from hackers

What is special about this product

  • Dedicated scanner to check and report your site’s security grade
  • Regular malware scans and alerts to ensure total site security
  • Ability to block website visitors by geolocation
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SecuPress – WordPress Security Plugin

SecuPress – WordPress Security Plugin

SecuPress plugin helps you protect your WordPress website from being attacked and safeguards all your data from hackers. The plugin conducts malware scans to block bots and suspicious IPs and ensures that all security threats are immediately identified and corrected.


Features of SecuPress – Security Plugin for WordPress

1. Use Two-Step Authentication to prevent people from logging in with fake email IDs

SecuPress security plugin for WordPress uses a two-step authentication process, where you can send an email verification link to the user’s registered email address to confirm login. This prevents users from signing up with fake email IDs.

2. Generate extremely strong alpha-numeric passwords

With SecuPress, you can create randomized passwords that are impossible to crack. In addition, the plugin scans and deletes default values for Security Keys and replaces them with strong, new ones to protect the core website from being hacked.

3. Automatically block visits from bad bots and block robots from scanning and hacking your site

SecuPress allows you to blacklist bad IPs and bots and block them from accessing your website. You can use the famous ‘Move Login’ functionality to move your login page so bots cannot find it. In the Pro version, you can further block IPs from a specific country, by geolocation.

4. Prevent brute force login and protect your site from being overwhelmed by too many attempts

Sometimes, hackers try to forcibly break into your website by overwhelming the login page with multiple attempts. SecuPress checks if your site is vulnerable to brute force logins and prevents one source from making too many login attempts.

5. Strong firewall to protect all your data and safeguard website from malicious hackers

SecuPress sets up a strong firewall that blocks malicious incoming requests, bad user agents, and SQL injection scanners. In addition, it also prevents access to sensitive files and prevents automated SQLi scans. As an added security measure, it also blocks extremely long URLs longer than 300 characters, that are suspicious.

6. WordPress core reinforcement to strengthen core WordPress files

Core WordPress files and databases are susceptible to hacking as they have very common prefixes such as wp_ or wordpress_. SecuPress allows you to change database prefixes to secure the WordPress core. It ensures that you have the latest WordPress and PHP version for maximum security and automatically updates WordPress version for minor fixes and security patches.

7. Security points scan that checks if your website satisfies all 35 security parameters

SecuPress has a full-fledged scanner that audits your website for potential security gaps. Once it has identified the state of your website’s security, it assigns a security grade for the website and informs about the potential issues. You can export the analysis in PDF format and share it with your clients/colleagues.

8. Automatic database backups to preserve all your website data

With SecuPress you can backup all databases and files on your website. In addition, you can download the backup files and store them offline. To help you manage backups better, SecuPress allows you to schedule automatic backups at regular intervals.

9. Advanced anti-spam system that prevents bad bots from posting spam comments

The anti-spam system setup for SecuPress runs in the background and prevents spam bots and comments from posting on your site. This helps in maintaining quality content on your website and securing your reputation in the eyes of your clients.

10. Scheduled security tasks for periodic scans and activities

SecuPress scans your website to detect any potential issues and sends a report to your inbox with all required actions you need to take to safeguard your website. Scheduled backups are an automatic task to help you recover from an attack with your content safe. Scheduled Malware Scans at regular intervals hunt down any malware that may have attacked your WordPress website.

11. Detection of vulnerable plugins and themes that are susceptible to attacks

SecuPress scans your website to check if you use vulnerable plugins and themes and suggests which plugins need to be deactivated for security. In addition, you can limit the number of active plugins on the website to make sure that too many plugins are not active simultaneously.

12. Security alerts and notifications 24×7 

Receive instant alerts on detection of potential security threat via email. You will also receive regular notifications on the progress of all important security tasks along with a daily report of all security activities done by SecuPress.

13. Export security reports and have website security data at your fingertips

The SecuPress WordPress security plugins lets you download security reports and store them offline in a PDF format. This lets you maintain a record of these website security activities and share them with your clients and/or colleagues if required. SecuPress also keeps a log of 404 pages triggered by users, so you know which pages are creating problems for your website.

14. Force correct login and password and prevent users from bypassing secure login

With SecuPress, you can ensure maximum security by forcing users to login with only the correct username and password. Send an email verification link if the user has forgotten the username/password and prevent guest logins.


Customer Testimonials for SecuPress WordPress Security Plugin

“I tried several security plugins before settling on SecuPress. It is capable, secures my site, lets me see which IPs are attacking my site. The other security plugins I found were either too expensive or far too high an impact on performance. For me SecuPress is perfect and security is very important to me – highly recommended and the support was great too.”

Davies Pridgeway 

“I’ve tried many free security plugins that just don’t measure up by either not working correctly or by not giving you the essential bits you need to secure your website. However, SecuPress Free has just blown them all out of the water! It’s early days but it looks like this plugin does ‘exactly what it says on the tin’; amazing!”



SecuPress for WordPress FAQs

       1. Why choose SecuPress?

SecuPress protects your website on multiple fronts: anti spam, double authentication. The best feature for users remains how easy to use this plugin is. You don’t need to be an experienced technician to use and secure your WordPress like an expert.

      2. Is SecuPress compatible with multisite?

Yes, SecuPress can be activated for all your sub-sites, just activate it from your main network site.

      3. Which web hosting platforms is SecuPress compatible with?

SecuPress is compatible with WP Serveur, OVH, Siteground, BlueHost, PlanetHoster, WP Engine, O2Switch, GoDaddy, and more.

      4. Is SecuPress compatible with WordPress caching plugins?

Yes, SecuPress is compatible with all WordPress caching plugins like WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, and others.

      5. Is SecuPress compatible with WordPress multilingual plugins?

Yes, SecuPress is compatible with all multilingual WordPress plugins like PolyLang, WPML, qTranslate, etc.

Tech Details

SecuPress – WordPress Security Plugin
  • Version1.4.9.4
  • Last UpdatedAug 15, 2019
  • Downloads0
  • Required WP Version4.9
  • CompatibilityWoocommerce, LearnDash, BuddyPress
  • Compatible Browsers chrome, firefox, safari, ie, opera
  • Files Included javascript, php
  • Categories ,
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Prevent brute force login i
Protect site from being overwhelmed by too many logins
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Strong firewall to protect all your data i
Safeguard website from malicious hackers
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Automatically block visits from bad bots i
Block robots from scanning and hacking your site
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WordPress core reinforcement i
Strengthen core WordPress files
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Two-Step Authentication i
Prevent people from logging in with fake email IDs
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Automatic database backups i
Preserve all your website data
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Advanced anti-spam system i
Protect your website from being spammed
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Security alerts and notifications i
24x7 alerts in case of security threats
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Force correct login and password i
Prevent users from bypassing secure login
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