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Powerful image optimization plugin compatible with Amazon S3

S3 Image optimizer for WordPress by EWWW

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Improve site performace with a convenient image compression and optimization plugin for data stored on Amazon Simple Storage Services(S3)

What is special about this product

  • Retrieve images from S3 buckets and optimize them using EWWW Image Optimizer
  • Optimize images in bulk, using specific URLs or directly from command line
  • Make your site faster, rank higher on search engines and save storage space by optimizing your images
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S3 Image optimizer for WordPress by EWWW

S3 Image compression & optimization plugin

Image compression and optimization is an important factor in speeding up your pages and making your site faster. This is turn helps you rank higher on search engine result pages. Additionally, it also helps you save storage space and bandwidth.

To make this work, along with S3 Image Optimizer you will also need EWWW Image Optimizer which is a very competent and completely free image optimizing plugin by EWWW.

Advantages of using EWWW S3 Image Optimizer

It is a hassle-free way to retrieve & optimize images stored on Amazon S3

This image compression and optimization plugin for Amazon S3 packs all the wonderful functionalities of EWWW’s Image Optimizer and implements them seamlessly for all images stored on Amazon S3 buckets. 

It is a handy solution to tackle optimization of varied images at multiple locations

It is especially useful if you have multiple buckets or have a large number of sites sharing the same bucket. It is more comfortable to do this from a single place than optimizing images individually at all the sites. 

Save time by easily optimizing all your images in bulk with S3 bulk optimizer.

It is a hassle-free way to compress images with just a click and optimize your site for faster loading pages and better user experience. 

Be in charge by choosing images that are to be optimized using S3 URL optimizer

Alternatively, you can optimize only particular images using specific URLs for images in your S3 bucket. This way you have complete control over which images are being optimized or compressed and which aren’t. 

Use WP-CLI to optimize images directly from the command line 

Command-line is a faster and more effective way to optimize images, especially when tackling buckets with a large number of images. 

Keep track of what images have been optimized using optimization history

Ordinarily when bulk optimizing images, the ones that are already optimized are skipped over. You can choose to force re-optimization by removing optimization history. The plugin also offers the options of viewing which images are already optimized.

It is completely compatible with DigitalOcean spaces for a completely hassle-free and seamless optimization for all images

DigitalOcean spaces provide S3-compatible storage that can be used to scale your data seamlessly. This plugin is compatible with DigitalOcean Spaces for easy optimization of all your Images. 

FAQs about S3 Image Optimizer

What is EWWW Image optimizer?

It is an Image Optimization plugin by EWWW with many functionalities which assist image optimization for better, faster-loading sites. It is also completely free and available for download here.  

Is it necessary for the functioning of S3 Image Optimizer?

Yes, S3 Image optimizer uses EWWW image optimizer for optimizing images and is necessary for the smooth functioning of this plugin.

Tech Details

S3 Image optimizer for WordPress by EWWW
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Optimize images on Amazon S3 using EWWW I.O. i
Easy optimization for images stored on Amazon S3
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S3 Bulk Optimizer i
Optimize all images in no time with a single click
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S3 URL Optimizer i
Have complete control over which images are optimized
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Optimization History i
Keep track of all optimized images for better clarity
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Compatible with Digital Ocean Spaces i
Seamless integration for a hassle-free experience
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