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Uncomplicated directory plugin to add customized listings

OnList – WordPress Directory Plugin by TradeSouthWest

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Simple and easy to use WordPress directory plugin to effortlessly create and manage informative listings

What is special about this product

  • Everything you need to create listings on your directory website
  • Provide added information in the form of map location, categories & reviews
  • Added functionalities like pay to view, before & after content blocks also an email, phones filters options
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OnList – WordPress Directory Plugin by TradeSouthWest

OnList – WordPress Directory plugin by TradeSouthWest

This WordPress Directory plugin provides you with all the basic settings you need to set up a directory plugin with informative listings. It is suitable for anyone creating a WordPress based online directory and requires a simple, easy to use way to add listings to it. Choose this product to effortlessly way to create and customize your listings with little to no technical knowledge.

Features of OnList WordPress Directory plugin :

  • Create and add listings to your directory in just a few steps

Add listings with the following available fields:

  1. -Country
  2. -Address
  3. -State
  4. -Phone
  5. -Email
  6. -Website
  7. -Other


  1. – Set number of days to show listing
  2. – Select listing to show 1st

You can choose to show or not show any of these fields in the editor. The ‘Other’ field can be modified to any label that is appropriate for the listing. All other field names can be changed as well to suit your requirements. Additionally, add custom metadata for all listings. 

  • Customization options to modify various aspects of your listings

The “OnList Options” section gives you the option to decide on and modify the following aspects :

  1. Listings per page
  2. Excerpt length
  3. Text for listing link
  4. Set name for ‘other’ field
  5. Choose to use the default “USA states” category or not
  6. Map Settings


  1. Comments settings
  2. Rating System settings
  3. Excerpt settings
  • Add location to your listings using Google Maps & make them easier to find

Map for each listing is included and calculated using Address and Zip Code fields of the listing. Note that you need to add Google Maps’ API key in the control panel for this to work. Map settings include:   – Checkbox to include or not include Map on listing – Map Width – Map Height

  • Add attractive featured images to your listings

Upload an eye-catching “Featured Image” to your listings conveniently. This image shows up when a user finds your listing on the main directory page, archives or on the single listing page. Other images can be added using the standard editor so the user has full control on the visual aspects of the listing.

  • Have consistent content on all pages with ‘before’ and ‘after’ content blocks

The plugin provides a space to add HTML that you want to display before and after the main content on a single page listing. This can include a link to your support page, your contact info or standard headings. It can also be used to match your theme on all pages. 

  • Provide complete information on the listing with Excerpts, Comments &   Ratings

Add excerpts to your listings using the OnList Editor. You can decide on:

  1.  Character limit for the excerpts
  2.   Height of excerpt box
  3.  Excerpt thumbnail size

Allow or Disable comments from the Editor. Comment settings include:

  1. Checkbox for “show comments form”
  2. Checkbox to allow Invisible responder on listing

Ratings can be given to listings on a scale from 1 to 5. Options for Rating System include:

  1. – Checkbox to show ratings on listings
  2. – Text that is displayed above the rating
  • Create convenient categories for various types of listings

 By default, US states are defined as categories for this plugin for ease of use. These can be removed if required. You can custom add new categories based on the listing this can be anything from “music”, “business”,” food” etc. Users can also sort listings based on categories to easily find what they are looking for. The plugin also provides easy shortcode for category page that can be used to add new category pages.

  • Additionally, the plugin provides options to customize the following fields:

  1. Login page title
  2. Upload a Logo or Enter URL
  3. Title for Pay to View
  4. Redirect for Pay To View Users
  5.  Checkbox for Spam Protector ( makes information invisible unless the user clicks on it to protect from scrapper and bots)
  6. Remove default dashboard widgets and add custom colours

FAQs about the product:

How do I let other people add a listing?

 This plugin uses normal WordPress login and user functions. So just use it like you would a blog. Have People register and then they will have their own listing admin area without the administrative rights. (They can not change the plugin settings.)

Where are the controls for this plugin?

  You will find the setup under the menu page -> “OnList Settings

Can I change the listing style?

If you know CSS then you can use any CSS editor to add a selector in your Customizer or and other stylesheets. Using the Inspector on your browser it is easy to look up the selector name. Most all of OnList selectors start with onlist-.

How do I get an API key to use the maps?

To get an API Key, visit https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key.

I just loaded a new theme and can not see the listings?

Go to Settings > Permalinks and hit “Save Changes.” This refreshes your posts to recognize the OnList post. Check to see if you might have changed the permalink settings. Try to keep settings as “Post name” permalink.


OnList is a hassle-free plugin that can be easily used to create a WordPress directory website. It has all the features you need to make competent and informative listings that benefit your users.

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OnList – WordPress Directory Plugin by TradeSouthWest
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Create online listings i
Robust and stylish directory listings in no time
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Customization options i
Change your settings to suit your listing
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Add location using Google Maps i
Put your listings on the map
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Content blocks for fixed content i
Consistent content for a seamless experience
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Supports excerpts,comments & reviews i
Display customer reviews and ratings
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Create categories i
Organize your listings with various categories
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Other configuration settings i
Custom settings beyond the listing content
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