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WP Quiz Pro – WordPress Quiz Plugin by MyThemeShop

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Transform any plain website into a fun and interactive quizzing site. Add trivia questions, personality quizzes, surveys to boost engagement.

What is special about this product

  • Create Buzzfeed-like quizzes or create online examination questionnaires
  • Increase “Time Spent on Site” and reduce “Bounce Rates” with engaging quizzes
  • Collect email ids and increase sign-ups with an option to email results
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WP Quiz Pro – WordPress Quiz Plugin by MyThemeShop

WP Quiz Pro – WordPress Quiz Plugin

Build different types of quizzes, right from simple trivia quizzes, surveys, to engaging quizzes such as personality tests, Facebook-like quizzes, interactive quizzes such as swipe or list, and a whole lot more.


WP Quiz – All Free features 

        1. Create multiple types of quizzes

Wp Quiz Pro allows you to create numerous types of quizzes:

Trivia quiz: Add fun trivia quizzes on any topic ranging from “The hardest game of thrones quiz ever” to “Are you smarter than the average 5th grader?”
Personality quiz: personality-type quizzes are one of the most popular quiz types on the internet. Quizzes like “Which Harry Potter character are you?” or “ Which zodiac sign are you really?” do very well in terms of social sharing
Flip Quiz: Create engaging flip-type quizzes that let users flip through options/images and score points.

Premium quiz types:

Swiper quiz: Create interactive swiper quizzes that let users answer by swiping images or options. “How many superfoods have you tried?” and “Which oscar movies should you add to your list?” are good examples of swiper quiz.
Facebook quiz: Create Facebook-specific quizzes that are easily shareable and are created to go viral
List quiz: Give users an option to move a question up or down by giving them the ability to upvote/downvote a particular option.

        2. Customize Quiz Settings and Styling

Quiz Settings and Styling options with WP Quiz Pro include:

Content Settings: Numbering questions, bulleted lists, interactive lists, color for questions and other content
Styling Settings: Choose traditional skin or modern flat skin, quiz colors and sizes
Other Settings: Ad management, social sharing buttons, sort questions by and more

WP Quiz – All Pro features 

        1. Increase User Engagement and Sign-ups

Quizzes are a great way to increase user engagement on your website. It is also great for getting key data and build your mailing list. With WP Quiz Pro, there are a lot of ways you can achieve that

  • Ask users to enter details like name or age before starting the quiz
  • Ask users to login or register to see their quiz results
  • Ask users to subscribe by adding their name & email-id before starting the quiz
  • Send results to the user’s email address
  • See leads and list of subscribers in the backend

It also integrates multiple mailing plugins like Aweber, MailChimp & GetResponse

        2. Create Facebook-like Viral Quizzes

With WP quiz pro you can create Facebook type quizzes that are designed to go viral:
Comes with Facebook quiz type template that lets you share results on facebook easily
Ask users to share the quiz on facebook before displaying results
Display dynamic, share-worthy results that can be shared easily with Open Graph integration

Have Complete Control with Advanced Options

General Settings:

Quiz archive slug (Free)
Record guest users by Ip address or browser cookies
Choose to allow multiple votes
Add Stripe API key & select currency
Enable player tracking and more

Default Settings:

Randomize questions or answers
Restart Question ( Free)
Share buttons ( Free)
Countdown timer & reload question after Xth question
Auto-scroll to next question ( Free) and more

Manage mail service ( MailChimp, Aweber etc)

Google Analytics:
Enable GA tracking and other settings

        3. Analyze Quiz Results with Statistics

With WP Quiz Pro you can also analyze quiz results to get insights into how players are answering your questions. These insights can be used to influence decisions about your content as well as your business. With WP quiz Pro, you can:
See statistics about how many times a particular quiz has been answered
Statistics about how the questions in each quiz are answered
You can even view user-specific data about your players

        4. Earn Money with Payment Options

Add a ‘pay to play’ option to your quiz. Integrate Stripe and PayPal payment options for easy payment options. You can also select to change currency settings depending on your location.

        5. Add Third-Party Ads to your Quiz

WP quiz Pro makes it really easy to add Third-party Ads to your quiz. You can show ads in between questions and generate more ad revenue by enabling a page to reload features that reload question pages to show new ads every time.

Why get WP Quiz Pro?

WP Quiz Pro helps you create attractive quizzes that help keep users engaged when they visit your website. This helps reduce your website bounce rate and increase conversions.

The quizzes you create with WP Quiz Pro not only helps you make engaging & interactive quizzes, it also helps you get viral traffic with easily shareable results & functionalities, grow your mailing list and earn more with advanced ad management.

Top Blogs recommending WP Quiz Pro: 

  • Wpneon

“If you own a WordPress website, the WP Quiz Pro plugin can help you integrate beautiful and engaging quizzes without you having to break a sweat. It comes with a powerful quiz building interface coupled with a lot of customization options to help you create awesome quizzes that look great, and are extremely engaging to play.”


WP Quiz plugin for WordPress by MyThemeShop lets you build all types of quizzes from fun trivia, personality quizzes, list quizzes to online exam questionnaires. Whether you want to create a “Which Supernatural character are you?” quiz or a “Questions only true Harry Potter fans can answer ” quiz, this WordPress quiz plugin has got you covered. Increase user interaction with your website with interactive, engaging, easily shareable quizzes which you can customize to your liking and boost user registrations by adding the option to email results.

WP Quiz Pro FAQ’s

  • Is WP Quiz Pro compatible with my Theme/Plugin?

WP Quiz has been coded with the latest WordPress coding standards in mind. That makes it ready-to-use on any WordPress website with any theme or any number of plugins.

  • What kind of quizzes can I create with WP Quiz Pro?

With WP Quiz pro you can create trivia, survey, personality, swipe, list, flip or Facebook type of quizzes with support for media like images and video.

Tech Details

WP Quiz Pro – WordPress Quiz Plugin by MyThemeShop
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Create Multiple Types of Quizzes i
Find the perfect quiz type for your needs
  Free Features Tick
  Paid Features Tick
Customize Quiz Settings and Styling i
Style your quizzes the way you want
  Free Features Tick
  Paid Features Tick
Increase User Engagement and Sign-ups i
Build your mailing list & promote user registrations
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Create Facebook-like Viral Quizzes i
Reach a wider audience with easily shareable quizzes
  Paid Features Tick
Have Complete Control with Advanced Options i
Change settings with ease to suit your preferences
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Analyze Quiz Results with Statistics i
Get insights into the behaviour of your players
  Paid Features Tick
Earn Money with Payment Options i
Easily accept payments from your users
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Add Third-Party Ads to your Quiz i
Earn extra revenue by running ads on your quizzes
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100% Risk Free - no hidden charges

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