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Simplify checking page responsiveness for varied devices

Mobilook – WordPress Mobile Plugin by PagUp

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Conveniently check what your website looks like on various mobile devices with Mobilook plugin for Wordpress

What is special about this product

  • Instantly check the responsiveness of your pages for different devices
  • Compatible with WooCommerce for your Online Store
  • Integrates Facebook Debugger, LinkedIn Post Inspector & Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test
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Mobilook – WordPress Mobile Plugin by PagUp

Mobilook – WordPress Mobile Plugin

Mobilook is a WordPress plugin by PagUp that creates a visual rendering of your pages for different mobile devices. It is a convenient way to check your responsive design for different devices. As more and more people access websites on their smartphones, it is essential to provide a seamless user experience on all types of devices.


Mobilook – All free features 

        1. Test responsive design for different devices

Mobilook is a hassle-free way to see how your website pages appear to users on a Samsung Galaxy S9, iPhone 6/7/8, Google Pixel 2 or any other format, from a list of 15 mobile devices including foldable screens like Samsung Galaxy Fold. Here is the complete list of device formats you can use with the Pro version of Mobilook mobile responsive plugin for WordPress:


Samsung Galaxy S9 = 360 x 740
iPhone 6/7/8 = 375 x 667
Google Pixel 2 = 441 x 731


Galaxy FOLD (Dualscreen) = 585 x 668
iPhone 6/7/8 plus = 414 x 736
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus = 360 x 740
iPhone XS Max = 414 x 896
Google Pixel 3 XL = 411 x 823
Samsung Galaxy S8 = 360 x 740
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 = 414 x 846
iPhone X = 375 x 812
Ipad = 768 x 1024
Ipad PRO = 1024 x 1366
iPhone 5/SE = 320 x 568
Galaxy S5 = 360 x 640

        2. Automatically deploys for All Pages

Once installed, Mobilook automatically shows visual renderings of any new content right above the WordPress Content Editor. So when you publish new content you can conveniently check how they appear to users on selected devices. This also works for content saved in draft, before it has been published.


Mobilook – All Premium Features

        1. Compatible with your WooCommerce Store

Mobilook is 100% compatible with WooCommerce and works seamlessly for product pages, checkout page, cart or any other shop page. Now more than ever people shop online on mobile devices. This is why ensuring great user experience on all devices is of importance.

        2. Facebook Debugger & LinkedIn Post Inspector Integration

Facebook Debugger & LinkedIn Post Inspector are both helpful tools that enable you to have your website be crawled by Facebook & LinkedIn bots and generate updated Open Graphs. Mobilook provides both these tools for each page. Conveniently preview and decide how your links appear when someone shares them on Facebook/LinkedIn. This ensures that your title, description, featured image appears as you want them to on shared links.

        3. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

The Mobilook plugin integrates Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. It helps you see how the Google bot sees your website and checks if Google considers it to be mobile-friendly. If not it gives you an analysis of what can be improved.


Why get Mobilook?

Mobile responsiveness is an important criterion to consider when creating a website. The number of people who access websites on their phones as compared to desktops is only increasing every day. In such a scenario it is important to check if your website renders correctly for users on all mobile device. Mobilook makes it convenient for you to see how your content appears to users on different devices right from your dashboard without any hassle. It also comes with 3 helpful tools: Facebook Debugger, LinkedIn Post Inspector and Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool to take care of all aspects of ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly.


Customer Testimonials

“Amazing plugin! I have never seen something similar before. Very useful!”
-Martin (Marketing, Business Owner)

“With new coming phones, having a mobile-friendly website is a MUST! This plugin is a time-saver.”
-Jasmine(SEO consultant, Business Owner)

“So cool. I used to check my websites on DevTool. Much easier now…!”
-Jenny(Web Designer, Business Owner)


Mobilook FAQ’s

  • What is a responsive website?

Responsive web design is the practice of building websites that suitably work on every device and every screen size, no matter how large or small, mobile or desktop.

  • How many device formats can I check my responsive design for?

You can check responsiveness for 15 different devices with the Pro version. Samsung Galaxy S9,iPhone 6/7/8 and Google Pixel 2 are available with the Mobilook free version

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Mobilook – WordPress Mobile Plugin by PagUp
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Test Responsive Design for different Devices i
Make sure your website looks great on all screen types
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Automatically deploys on All Pages i
Hassle-free way to preview your pages for mobile devices
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Compatible with your WooCommerce Store i
Make it easy for your customers to shop on their phones
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Facebook Debugger & LinkedIn Post Inspector Integration i
Keep an eye on how shared posts appear on Facebook/LinkedIn
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Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool i
Easily check if Google considers your website mobile-friendly
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