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Feature-rich automatic image optimization plugin

EWWW Image Optimizer WordPress Plugin

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One-click optimization for all images
Save time with an automated optimization process
Helps you choose the right image format
Remove metadata for smallest possible image size
Select optimization levels for various file formats
Speed up the process with parallel optimization
Schedule regular optimization for configured folders
Make sure all images are taken into account
Adjust resizing specification based on your needs
Conveniently convert JPG/PNG images to WebP images
Efficient, automatic image optimization plugin for improved page load speed and better search engine rankings

What is special about this product

  • Efficient Image compression & resizing for better website performance
  • Automatic optimization for new images uploaded to Media Library & bulk optimization for existing images
  • Schedule optimization, convert to WebP and choose to optimize image folders apart from the Media Library
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EWWW Image Optimizer WordPress Plugin

EWWW Image Optimization plugin for WordPress

EWWW Image optimization plugin compresses and resizes your images effectively in no time. Optimized images increase the speed at which your pages load. This leads to better search engine ranking and results in higher conversion rates. It also saves you storage space and bandwidth.

Detailed Feature list for EWWW Image Optimizer

Automatic optimization of images as you upload them ensures an effortless and convenient optimization process

Once activated the plugin works for all and any new images you add. Whenever you upload a new image to your Media Library, it is automatically optimized by the plugin. You can view details for every image by switching to the list view for Media Library under the Image Optimizer column. You can also quickly optimize, convert or restore specific images using this column.

Bulk optimization tool for optimizing already uploaded images helps you save time and effort

The plugin comes with a bulk optimization tool that you can be used to optimize previously uploaded images. You can find it under the Media Library menu. The tool first scans for unoptimized images in the Media Library and then scans the active theme, pre-configured folders for plugins like BuddyPress and Meta-Slider and any other additional folder you specify.

Once you click ‘start optimization’, ensure that you don’t leave the page as that pauses the process. But you can always come back and restart optimization of the remaining images when you want.

EWWW Image optimizer helps you pick the correct image format with intelligent conversion options

In Media Library, under the Image Optimizer column, you can find handy ‘convert to’ options for each image. With each option, there is a helpful explanation of what happens when you do convert it. This helps you make the correct decision regarding the images format type.

It requires you to add one of these PHP libraries: GD, Imagick, or GMagick libraries.

Remove metadata to achieve the smallest possible size for your image

This option is available under the Basic Configuration section in the plugin Settings.
Checking this box removes all metadata from images. Metadata can include EXIF files like exposure, aperture, type of camera used etc. , embedded thumbnail versions of the image, location, embedded copyright information or colour profiles.

Format-wise optimization options for complete control

Select various levels of optimization for each format type: JPG, PNG, GIF or PDF.
You can choose between ‘no compression’ and other options. For accessing all optimization levels you need premium compression APIs.

JPG optimization

‘No compression’: Preserve original image

‘pixel perfect’: Uses the stock Jpegtran build used by most website performance testing sites (lossless).

PNG optimization

‘No compression’: Preserve original image

‘pixel perfect’: Uses Optipng, and optionally Pngout, which have variable compression levels that can be configured under the advanced settings (lossless).

Premium – Uses Pngquant and is available in “local” mode without an API key. If an API key is entered, the plugin will automatically use the API for this compression level (lossy).

GIF optimization

‘No compression’: Preserve original image

‘pixel perfect’: It uses Gifsicle. While Gifsicle does various optimizations, it excels in removing pixels that are duplicated in animations

PDF Optimization

‘No compression’: Preserve original image

Quick optimization process with parallel optimization

You can find this option under the Advanced Configuration section in the Settings panel
Checking this box allows the plugin to optimize up to 5 images at the same time greatly speeding up the process. This is especially helpful if you are optimizing a lot of images using the bulk optimizer tool or scheduling optimization. 

Schedule optimization for images that are not uploaded to the Media library

The images that aren’t uploaded directly to the Media Library are not automatically optimized. These images include the ones included in your active theme, configured folders for selected plugins like BuddyPress and Meta-slider or any additional folder you define.
To ensure that these images aren’t being missed for optimization, you can enable this option to schedule hourly scans for unoptimized images and their subsequent optimization. 

Specific additional folders to be taken into consideration for the optimization process

If there are folders that contain images other than the ones already configures, you can specify them in the Advanced Settings section. This will ensure that they are also scanned and processed during bulk optimization or scheduled optimization. 

Set specific options for resizing images

Resize dimension: Specify the width and height images should be resized to
Resize Detection: Find images on the site that are more than 150% of the dimensions specified. Leave it on to keep track of images that need resizing.

Resize Existing Images: Allow resizing of existing Media library images

Resize other images: Allow resizing of images, not in the Media Library

Disable resizing: Disable resizing individually for any image that you want to preserve in its original form

Convert your images to the WebP format used by Google

Convert JPG/PNG Images to WebP images. Enable Force WebP option which automatically generates WebP images for all JPG/PNG images & add a whitelist of URLs that plugin is allowed to rewrite.
After you have these two things set up you can enable JS WebP rewriting to convert JPG or PNG images into WebP images.

Use WP-CLI to run optimization processes directly from the command line

For a faster and more efficient optimization process, you can run bulk optimation and scheduled optimization directly from the command line as opposed to the web interface. It allows you to run it in ‘screen’ and via regular cron instead of wp-cron.

Customer Testimonial

“I cannot write enough words of praise for EWWW Image Optimizer and its creator. Minimal if any support needed but he is there if needed.

The plugin is easy to use, and flawlessly optimizes images on WordPress resulting in a faster site and quicker page loading time.”

David Henderson

“The compression is better than any others I have tried and the support is absolutely top notch! Highly recommended!”

-Grant Berntsen

“I have to say, I’ve tried others with limited success… this one AMAZED ME!!

Took a 1.6Mb image and crushed it to under 400Kb with almost no noticeable image quality loss… I was stunned.

Super handy, great work!”

-Pixel Light Media

FAQs about Image Optimizer

Does EWWW Image Optimizer replace existing images?

Yes, but only if the optimized version is smaller. The plugin should never create a larger image.

Can I lower the compression setting for JPGs to save more space?

The lossy JPG optimization using the API will determine the ideal quality setting and give you the best results, but you can also adjust the default quality for conversion and resizing.

What are the supported operating systems for EWWW Image Optimizer?

Tested on Windows (with Apache), Linux, Mac OSX, FreeBSD 9, and Solaris (v10). 

How are JPGs optimized in EWWW Image Optimizer?

Lossless optimization is done with the command jpegtran -copy all -optimize -progressive -outfile optimized-file original-file. Optionally, the -copy switch gets the ‘none’ parameter if you choose to strip metadata from your JPGs on the options page.

How are PNGs optimized in EWWW Image Optimizer?

There are three parts (and all are optional). First, using the command pngquant original-file, then using the commands pngout-static -s2 original-file and optipng -o2 original-file. You can adjust the optimization levels for both tools using the Overrides. Optipng is an automated derivative of pngcrush, which is another widely used png optimization utility.

How are GIFs optimized in EWWW Image Optimizer?

Using the command gifsicle -b -O3 –careful original file. This is particularly useful for animated GIFs, and can also streamline your colour palette. That said, if your GIF is not animated, you should strongly consider converting it to a PNG. PNG files are almost always smaller, they just don’t do animations. The following command would do this for you on a Linux system with imagemagick: convert somefile.gif somefile.png


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EWWW Image Optimizer WordPress Plugin
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One-click optimization for all images
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Automatic image optimization i
Save time with an automated optimization process
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Intelligent conversion options i
Helps you choose the right image format
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Remove metadata i
Remove metadata for smallest possible image size
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Format-wise optimization options i
Select optimization levels for various file formats
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Speed up the process with parallel optimization
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Scheduled Optimization i
Schedule regular optimization for configured folders
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Specify Folder to Optimize i
Make sure all images are taken into account
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Resizing Options i
Adjust resizing specification based on your needs
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Convert to WebP i
Conveniently convert JPG/PNG images to WebP images
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