September 17, 2019

The Importance of Reviews for a Real Estate Listing Website

Buying a house is a huge investment. It’s not like grocery shopping where you can simply pick items of your choice and throw them away if they don’t suit you.

There are a thousand things to be considered while buying a home, for it is literally the fulfillment of a dream for people. Which is why, people take their time while browsing home listings, shortlisting the ones they like, and then making the big decision.

Earlier, this process used to be manual. You had to visit the place to take a look at it in person and then decide. Now, with the rise of technology, home buyers are now using the internet to search for homes before buying.

This means buyers look for sites that have a lot of listings, are genuine, and have great reviews from their past clients.

So, if you have a listing website, you know it is essential to ask for reviews from your past clients.

Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons why reviews are important for your real estate listing website.
Let’s start.

1. Reviews make your website trustworthy

Potential customers need to know if your listing website is trustworthy before they do business with you because after all, it’s a question of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But how will they trust you at first glance?
In this world of fraudulent platforms, how do they know you are genuine?

Do you know what they look for?

Guess what? Your website reviews.

Genuine reviews from previous clients make your website more trustworthy, increase the perceived value to customers, and ultimately help you close sales. So ask your past clients to leave reviews on your website.

Reviews influence buyer decision a lot. Take a look at this report by Broadly which shows that 62% of potential buyers make a buying decision after reading online reviews.


To get the reviews from the customers, you need to use the right tools and plugins on your website. For a WordPress installation, you can use handy rating and review plugins like WP Review Pro, WP Product Review to set up reviews for your real estate website.

Positive excellent reviews attract customers to your business. So ensure you install the right tool for your past clients to leave reviews.

2. Reviews open wallets

A survey by Invesp found that 31% of buyers spend more on business with great reviews.


When customers are satisfied and leave reviews on your website it creates a sense of loyalty to your business.

They feel as if they are part of your business and like to do business with you on a regular basis.

They have a high possibility to recommend your real estate listing website to others. The reviews are a sure sign that they have trusted the business.

3. Reviews increase website traffic

These days, home buyers start their journey of buying a home by searching for online website listing companies. A report by BrightLocal shows that 27% of potential clients use the internet to search for businesses on a daily basis.


Being a listing agent, it is essential to ensure your website ranks high on the search engines.

One great way is to allow customers to leave reviews and recommendations on your home real estate listing website. Google considers reviews in its search ranking algorithm, as reviews contain highly relevant keywords.

Which is why you should encourage past clients to leave reviews that are keyword focused. Each review a client leaves helps with SEO and your website ranking. Use simple tools that will make it easy for clients to leave reviews. They will help you increase your site search rankings.

Since real estate deals with clients with high budgets, they need to trust your business. You need to win their trust and offer them the best services for the money they invest.

4. Reviews bring more business

When potential clients find that a real estate website has plenty of positive reviews from past customers they are more likely to become customers.

Plenty of positive reviews gives a signal to the potential buyers that the business has served many happy customers. The reviews impress potential clients that they too can join in the party and be happy.

Real estate experts use client reviews and testimonials to close deals with potential clients. Here is an example of audio links for clients describing Joe Hyden real estate team.


This is simple proof of how far reviews can help you in closing more sales for your real estate business.

Besides reviews use irresistible call-to-action (CTA) increase lead conversion rates on your website. Create short videos on your website and link them to your landing page.

Potential buyers watch your explainer video that is linked to your lead page and convert. You can also link your reviews to LeadSites to help your real estate website convert your leads to clients.


5. Reviews prove your customer service quality and experience

Competition for real estate clients is high as every listing business is trying its best to win clients.

Buying a home is a thoroughly emotional investment, not just a pen-and-paper transaction. So, buyers value the entire experience of buying their home as much as they value the home itself.

If you are a great service provider and have a lot of experience in the real estate industry, why not highlight it on your website as that plays a crucial role in convincing potential buyers to connect with you.

In fact, a survey by Walker shows that by 2020 customers will value experience more than prices.


Your ratings and reviews will help you know how to serve your customers better to improve their experience with your real estate services.

6. Reviews create customer engagement

One great way to engage your customers is by allowing reviews on your website. More reviews on your real estate website create greater customer engagement.

Since customers leave ratings, potential customers will look out for comments, guides, and advice from other previous customers, and hence engage with your business.

That will lead to customers engaging with your brand. With time your review page can become an active social forum for clients and potential clients, helping your business gets more attention, leads, and conversions.


Instead of doing a lot of heavy marketing to get awesome clients for your real estate business, a better option is to let your past clients speak for you through reviews.

Homebuyers spend a lot of money to buy homes and they need the best deal for their invested money.

You have to win their trust and credibility for them to invest in your real estate business. Which is why you need to make sure that you use the best rating and review plugin that will help your clients leave great reviews in an easy way!

You can have more details here, as to how can you style your website with Ratings and Reviews on your Site.

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