September 10, 2019

Image Gallery Plugins for WordPress – How to Choose the Best One?

A great WordPress website is an outcome of great content, an audience-pleasing website layout, strong SEO, and use of great images/media. In fact, the use of the right images on a website accounts for the visual content marketing strategy of a website.

After all, the wave of changes that occurred across almost every major social network, including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter had to make the prominence of images on websites even more primary.

The presence of relevant images on the websites not only enhances the visual appeal of the website but they also help people remember your content better. Hence, this puts us in a position where we need to pair relevant images with content so that people retain the information we want to convey.

This makes the use of an image gallery plugin on a WordPress website a must.

Here’s more about some popular image gallery plugins for WordPress.

Why Install an Image Gallery Plugin?

If your WordPress website does not run a gallery plugin, it will show up the basic image gallery that has been set by default in WordPress CMS. As you must have experienced, this gallery is quite basic and limiting in the customizations it offers.

If you are looking to impart a great web design to your WordPress website, the native WordPress gallery might fall short of your expectations.

In such a scenario, an image gallery plugin is useful because it can,

  • Help you showcase your images and other relevant media in the best possible way
  • Let you create stylish galleries that impress the users as well as custom-styled galleries
  • Help you optimize your visual content strategy
  • Add stunning visuals to your WordPress website
  • Enhance the user-friendly viewing experience of the audience
  • Help draw attention to your Calls To Action (CTAs)
  • Be the bread and butter for photography websites or websites that feature catalogs

Hang on though! Before you rush to purchase the nearest image gallery plugin, there are a few things you need to consider.

Factors to Consider Before Getting an Image Gallery Plugin

  • What are the specific features that you are looking for in your choice of an apt image gallery plugin?
  • Will a free plugin suffice or a paid image gallery plugin will serve the purpose?
  • Mobile optimization of the plugin
  • Do you want to upload only photos, or do you need video and audio galleries as well?
  • Need of a lightweight plugin to make quick uploads
  • Ease of use

Now that we have the image gallery plugin rulebook at hand, here are the top 3 Image Gallery plugins that will help your website impress its users to the best of its ability.

Best Image Gallery Plugins for WordPress:

1. NextGEN Gallery


With over 9,00,000+ active installations, the NextGEN Gallery plugin has been helping website owners set up great galleries since 2007. It is one of the industry’s top players with its easy interface that has helped simpler website owners and complex visual website owners alike.

This plugin offers a complete WordPress gallery management system. Under this system, one can easily batch upload photos, import metadata, add/delete/rearrange/sort photos, edit thumbnails, group galleries into albums, and more.

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You get this plugin on a free basis as well as in a paid version. The free version provides you three main gallery styles (slideshow, thumbnail, and image browser galleries) and two album styles (compact and extended).

The NextGEN Plus and NextGEN Pro are premium versions that let you add new photo gallery displays, lightboxes, add e-commerce, proofing, and get pro support. So, it is fair to say that this is definitely one of the best picks if you are looking for an Image Gallery plugin.

2. ENVIRA Photo Gallery


If you are looking for a simple Drag & Drop photo gallery builder that is 100% responsive and mobile friendly and also offers great WordPress templates for customization, then you are definitely looking for the ENVIRA photo gallery plugin.

This plugin lets you easily organize your photo galleries, choose cover photos, and more. It also lets you add YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and other videos in your video gallery. This image gallery plugin has been optimized for speed as well as SEO.


If you are looking for more features, then you have the Envira Pro plugin. It offers social media integration, gallery templates/gallery layouts, deep linking, pagination, e-commerce, image proofing, and tons more.

Also, ENVIRA has over 100,000+ active users and it has received a lot of 5 Star rating from its users. So, you can go ahead without a doubt and choose Envira as your ultimate image gallery plugin.

3. Modula Image Gallery


With over 50,000+ active installations, the Modula image gallery plugin is touted to be the most user-friendly WordPress gallery plugins. So, if you are looking to create unique and custom image galleries that cater specifically to your website and other amazing lightbox galleries, masonry grids, custom grids, etc., you can easily do it with Modula.

With premium features provided by Modula Pro, you can do a lot more. You get to add more than 20 images per gallery and get access to 5 more lightbox styles & effects. You can even animate the images on each page loads, horizontally/vertically.

If you are a fan of the image hover effects, you will also have access to 12 built-in image hover effects. You get priority email support and updates for 12 months. So, all in all, a great choice for an image gallery plugin.

In a Nutshell

Having great images on a website can do much more good than you can think. Displaying these images and other media in an orderly and stylish manner with the help of galleries will impress your site visitors and also make up for great website design.

Hence, choosing the right image gallery plugin for your WordPress website will help you attract the website audience and drive conversions on your website. So, make sure that you address the information above to make an apt choice for your next image gallery plugin!

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