March 4, 2020

Help Scout vs. Zendesk – Comparing the Giants of WordPress Support

Looking for a customer support solution for your WordPress website?

Let me tell you, if you head out and scour the web, you will be bombarded with options. Not one or two, but many. 

Instead, let’s narrow our search down to the best two WordPress support systems. We will undoubtedly end up at Help Scout and Zendesk

They have each earned a good reputation in the industry. Whether it is the set of features offered by them or the ease of use, both excel as top customer support systems. 

However, you can’t sail on two boats, right?

You need to make a choice and do it meticulously. Customers are the most important part of every business and keeping them happy is of paramount importance. But to have excellent customer service, you need flawless desk support and hence, you need the right plugin.

Don’t worry, we have got you covered. This article drafts a detailed comparison between the two WordPress support giants: HelpScout and Zendesk. We have covered every aspect in detail so that as you reach the end of the article, you will have your answer. 

Without wasting much time, let’s move ahead to uncover the differences between the two. 

Help Scout vs. Zendesk – Setup and Ease of Use


This is probably one of the easiest-to-use CRM platforms you will ever come across when working with WordPress. Installing Zendesk is pretty simple. All you need to do is download the plugin, install it on the WordPress website and get started.

Furthermore, it has loads of features. Whether you want to track issues, prioritize them or share tickets within your team members, the Zendesk platform helps in all. The portal provides training modules that can be used to have a better grasp of the platform and further use it to serve the customers better.

Zendesk provides ease of communication whether it is with the potential customers or in-house members of the team. It comes with one-click emails for simplified collaboration and an intuitive interface to guide customer support experts using the platform.

Help Scout

Whether you want to start a live chat or share details with your mates, connect to the customer or use a knowledge base to easily address issues, the Help Scout help desk platform encompasses all.

The overall design of the platform is plain and simple with exquisite prompts when you need to cycle through the workflow. The interface is easy to use and navigation across the same is quite self-explanatory. Records of the customers are all staffed under a single head so customer support representatives need not switch between applications to grab user data.

From managing accounts to answering responses in real-time, generating reports or collaborating with peers in the organization, Help Scout is your end to end customer management partner.

Help Scout vs. Zendesk – Features and Functionality


An all-in-one help desk management portal, Zendesk satisfies every enterprise’s current needs. You have ticket forms to know about the issues and conditional ticket fields to give users the ease to specify the problems in detail. Multilingual support and SLA agreement encompass a trust laden environment.

The Zendesk Portal allows users to configure and customize the platform as and when needed to map the terms of the business.

Creating customized workflows, public app integration, business-specific ticket views, and a lot more, Zendesk is ideal for WordPress website owners who wish to bring flexibility within their customer support desk.

Predefined ticket actions and customer data lead to better customer service and further add to the feature list of the platform.

Zendesk Dashbaord

Help Scout

Help Scout offers an exhaustive list of features. Starting with a shared inbox to keep employees updated on customer engagement to separate mailboxes for an enhanced and more organized communication, the platform is more than you think it to be.

With team collaboration with tagging, collision detection, private chat, etc, using Help Scout you can have the needed level of interaction within the team. Furthermore, the customer management feature of the platform ensures that all of the customer data is stored under a single head and none of the complaints go unnoticed. Timely notifications, regular updates, and seamless interactivity, Help Scout offers a magical experience to its users.

Help Scout also offers reports to assess and evaluate the performance of the team and determine areas that need to be optimized for better productivity.

HelpScout Dashbaord

Help Scout vs. Zendesk – User Reviews


Average User Rating: 4.4

“Zendesk has really changed our entire approach to managing customer support. Zendesk’s business rules analysis lets us gauge our performance and look for spots where our workflow can be more efficient.”

Ryan Riddle, Customer Support Manager (Via Zendesk Reviews)

“Zendesk enables us to maintain a customer-facing solution that is economical, scalable, and well suited to our available staffing. It helps us keep the lines of communication open between technical staff and users. The interface for the technical staff is easy to use and supported on multiple platforms.”

Christopher (via GetApp) 

“Zendesk is one of the most popular help desk software that has been used by thousands of big companies around the world. It offers reliable service with complete features designed to help your company build better relationships with your customers.”

Jay  (via Pandia)

Help Scout

Average User Rating: 4.7

“Excellent. While there is some admittedly cool functionality that other CRMs offer at higher prices, they don’t make sense for our current business needs and you really can’t beat Helpscout when it comes to their customer service and help resources. It’s excellent working with a team who really care what their customers and their customers’ customers think.”

Celeste Osborne (via GetApp) 

Most companies using Help Desk software are in software development, tech or online commerce of some kind. We’re in the boring, traditional business of veterinary medicine practice, and deal with hundreds of emails a day from clients and the rest of the outside world…. and we use Help Scout – and absolutely LOVE it. We did use Zendesk previously but found that it’s way too complicated and not very personal. Help Scout is absolutely fantastic, because it’s very elegant in its simplicity – but tremendously powerful in its capability. On top of that, we’ve found their support team to be kick-ass, highly responsive and always eager to try and figure out a solution to any issue we bring them. We are very loyal Help Scout clients and plan to be for a long time

Greg Habstritt (via GetApp) 

Help Scout vs. Zendesk – Pricing

Zendesk: $5.00/month/user

HelpScout : $12.00/month/user

Help Scout vs. Zendesk – Comparison Table

Rating 4.4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.7 ⭐⭐⭐⭐?
Features✔  Automated workflow
✔  Multi-channel support
✔  Robust reporting & advanced analytics
✔  IT Asset Management
✔  Network Monitoring
✔  Automated workflow
✔  Multi-channel support
✔  Robust reporting & advanced analytics
❌  IT Asset Management
❌  Network Monitoring
Integration✗ No API
✓ BigCommerce
✓ Facebook
✓ Google Analytics
✓ WordPress
✓ Zapier
✓ Zoho CRM
✗ No API
✓ BigCommerce
✓ Facebook
✓ Google Analytics
✓ WordPress
✓ Zapier
✗ Zoho CRM
Large Enterprises
Mid Size Business
Non Profit
Large Enterprises
Mid Size Business
Non Profit
Support Options Knowledge Base
Online Support
Phone Support
Video Tutorials
Knowledge Base
Online Support
Video Tutorials
Get ZendeskGet Help Scout


It is pretty clear that both ZenDesk and Help Scout are equally capable of revolutionizing your WordPress website’s help desk platform. Even though Help Scout is a bit expensive, it doesn’t limit organizations from using it as their customer support software. What you want to choose would be based on your business requirements. 

If you want to explore more plugins, you can check out this list of popular WordPress HelpDesk plugins.

If you have any recommendations or questions, please do leave them in the comments! 🙂

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