January 15, 2020

Flatsome Theme Review – Overview, Pros, and Cons

Selling products online has become easier and more people than ever are doing it. But an important part of doing it successfully is an attractive and user-friendly shop page.

Most WordPress e-commerce sites use WooCommerce to set up their shop. But the basic interface doesn’t help you stand out.

Enter WooCommerce themes.

They help you build a visually appealing, engaging website with helpful elements. It makes the whole shopping experience a lot better.

In this article, we review one such popular WooCommerce theme – Flatsome.

A Brief Introduction to Flatsome

Flatsome, developed by UX Themes, is a popular theme that is ideal for showcasing your products and is suitable for all kinds of businesses. It is compatible with all the Woocommerce projects and supports all its versions. The theme sets you up with all the tools you need to set up a professional website.

The best part is that it is easy to use for anyone, whether you’re a beginner, freelancer, or professional developer. 

Case in point, we were able to install this theme without any prior knowledge of coding, and immediately start putting up sliders, banners, and responsive pages without any hassle. 

Flatsome comes with multiple customization options and elements that can be combined together to build the website of your dreams. And one that matches your brand style of course. 😛

Let’s see how!

What we like about Flatsome…

1. One-click demo installation

It has all the demos you could need!

Flatsome provides around 20 demos that you can install on your website in just one click. Creating an engaging and attractive website page is as easy as that. Now, that doesn’t mean that you are stuck with the demo design. You can pick and switch out any elements that you want to replace using the Theme Options Panel.

The demos range from shop pages to business-wise demos like ‘Corporate’ or ‘Agency’. You can pick one that most closely fits your company and play around with the customization options until you have your dream website ready.

2. Easy-to-use Front-End UX builder

Flatsome comes with a great front-end UX builder that allows you to tweak aspects of your website without ever having to touch code.

You can easily drag and drop the elements you need and adjust them easily. You can create beautiful banners and sliders, put up picture grids and add your pick of elements from a giant library.

Or you can pick a page preset from the Flatsome library and customize it to your website.

You have live editing options that help you see your changes reflected as you make them. So you can easily pick the elements or the style that you prefer. There are also responsive options you can set so your website looks good on all devices.

3. A multitude of features for your WooCommerce shop

Flatsome is compatible with all versions of WooCommerce. It seamlessly lends engaging interface and elements to your WooCommerce shop.

Shop features you can add include useful elements like :

– Live search
– Quick Add button
– Favorites button
– Sale bubble
– Category layouts

You can also enhance your product pages with better features like Quick Zoom, Product Videos, Navigation to previous or next product, Color variation options, etc.

Additionally, Catalog mode is an option you can use to display your product catalog or lookbook. 

For example, if you sell clothes, this could be a style lookbook. Or if you sell home fittings, this could have attractive pictures of home interiors set up to showcase your products.

4. Parallax Effects

Parallax effect or parallax scrolling is when the content in the foreground moves quicker than the images in the background. It creates a feeling of depth on your website and lends it a very professional look. 

With Flatsome you can add smooth parallax effects to your banners and content to give your website the extra edge.

5. Flatsome studio

Flatsome studio is a giant library of free to use images, designs and pre-made templates created by the Flatsome design team. These are all loaded up and ready to be added to your website using the UX builder.

They are all organized into convenient categories like ‘call-to-action’, ‘banner’ or ‘campaigns’. So you can find them easily. Flatsome studio also has full-blown pages and wireframes that you can just drag and drop into your website.

6. Blazing fast Performance

Flatsome’s features have been designed to give the user the fastest page speed possible. 
The theme’s Smart Lazy Loading feature only loads images when required making the site very fast. The animation and parallax effects have been designed in such a way that they do not slow down the website.

7. Highly Customizable

You can customize the look of your website using the Live Theme Options panel which has hundreds of demos available. You can change the default colors to your liking. There is a Live CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) editor in which you can edit and preview CSS. 

You can set the global layout mode to boxed, framed, or full width. You have options of choosing more than 700 google fonts for your text. You can also preview whatever you customize.

8. Mobile-friendly design

Today everything happens on a smartphone. This means mobile customized designs are important for your online store. 

Flatsome provides a mobile-optimized design which makes it easier for the customers to navigate through your website quickly and easily.

9. Excellent Product search and view features

Flatsome has some fantastic features, such as a Live Search option, that help search products fast. There is a Product Quick View feature that allows users to view their selected items from the category grid quickly. There are three layout options for viewing your products, namely grid, list, and, masonry view.

10. Dedicated Support and Documentation

A dedicated 24×7 support team is available for Flatsome from UX Theme. For all doubts encountered, documentation is available on their website at https://docs.uxthemes.com/

How to Extend Flatsome – Available Integrations

Flatsome supports third-party plugins such as Google Maps API, Yoast Integration, Uber Menu, WPML & Polylang. These plugins can help you enhance your shop and take it to the next level

For example, If you want to build an e-store with international shipping, you will need WPML to ensure that the site is displayed in multiple languages. 

Or, in an omnichannel market, if you’re setting up a website with multiple inventory warehouses, you will need Google Maps to show where the stores are located.

Pros vs Cons of Flatsome

Now that we’ve gone over the basic functionalities of Flatsome, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of getting Flatsome for your WooCommerce shop. 


  • The first advantage of Flatsome is that it is SEO-Optimized which makes it easier for your website to rank higher on Google search pages.
  • With a 2-minute video, you are ready to install and use Flatsome for your dream online shop. As discussed above, there is absolutely no need for any coding 
  • The theme is optimized in such a way that the customers are delighted by its look, navigation. A very user-friendly product that ensures you have happy customers.
  • You get excellent 24×7 support along with all the required documentation from the support team at Flatsome.
  • There is a vast library of free images and ready designs that you can use. This saves you a lot of time. 
  • The CSS animation and parallax effects are smooth, efficient and amazing.
  • With the Drag and Drop Builder, you can create sliders and banners and place them anywhere.
  • You can get free updates from Flatsome for a lifetime.


  • If you plan to change the theme in the future, then it can be time-consuming. You will have to add a couple of content pages, buying or installing the plugins compatible with this theme such as PDF zones, shipment tracking, tracker. 
  • You get support only for 6 months after the purchase

Flatsome Pricing

A single site license for Flatsome costs $59. 

For this price, you get page builders, website building options, header builders, different design templates.

The services and features provided by Flatsome theme can boost your target clicks, viewers landing on your shop and indeed also sales. Overall it will help increase your profits. So it might be a good investment in your e-commerce business.

User Reviews

5-Star for Code Quality
The theme is the best I’ve ever used. Need I say more.

Jimmy via Flatsome testimonials

5-Star for Design Quality
Simple, yet powerful

Zirakaji via Flatsome testimonials

5-star for Design Quality
Everything about this theme is amazing. I have used loads of woocommerce themes and this has so many customization options. And best of all! Great support. Highly recommended.

VinylRevolution via Flatsome testimonials

Flatsome – Final Overview

Flatsome is versatile and easy to use. The theme is suitable for any business or product. And it is highly recommended for anyone who wants to set up an e-commerce shop easily and in less time.  

Flatsome also offers ease of management and flexibility which helps to manage different departments of an online store: inventory control, shipping, payment processing, delivery. We would definitely recommend you check out Flatsome for your WooCommerce shop.

Will you be trying out Flatsome? Or do you swear by a different theme for your WooCommerce store? Drop a comment to let us know!

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