January 8, 2020

12 Fastest WooCommerce Themes To Speed up Your Site

When you decide to set up an e-commerce site with WooCommerce, one of the first choices you need to make is the choice of a theme. It’s essential to choose a theme that makes your site load quickly because speed is something that users and search engines both love.

Nobody likes purchasing from a website that is slow and sluggish, right?

Slow loading WooCommerce website

However, finding fast WooCommerce themes is like finding a needle from the haystack. There are so many options to choose from, and many times we also don’t realize which theme is fast and which theme is slow.

That’s precisely the reason why we decided to make a list of the 12 fastest WooCommerce themes.

After analyzing 100s of themes through Google’s official PageSpeed Insights tool, which is the gold standard of website speed testing, and trying them out ourselves, we have created a conclusive list of the fastest ones.

Take a look!

1. Shoptimizer

PageSpeed Insights Score = 98

Shoptimizer Theme - Home Page

Shoptimizer proudly proclaims that it’s “the fastest eCommerce theme”, so we thought there must be some merit in this claim. Therefore, we decided to check out how fast it is, and we were not disappointed.

Shoptimizer returned a PageSpeed Insights score of 98. That score means there’s some truth to their claim – it’s almost close to a perfect 100!

Achieving it becomes possible for Shoptimizer because it has got many features aimed specifically at the loading speed.

For example, it has an ‘automatic minification’ feature for the CSS file, which reduces the size of the main CSS stylesheet for fast loading. It also dynamically creates what it calls a ‘Critical CSS’ file, which helps in almost instant loading of the main content.

Shoptimizer PageSpeed Insights Score = 98

2. Astra

PageSpeed Insights Score = 71

Astra Theme

WPAstra, scores 71 on PageSpeed Insights score. Not very fast, but it’s not very slow either. That score is acceptable considering the other features offered by this theme, which have made it one of the most popular WooCommerce themes.

It comes with so many customization options that you can change almost every aspect of your store to differentiate from other stores, including conversion-ready checkout pages and pre-designed starter sites to help you set up your store quickly.

Besides, it also looks amazing in the mobile-view!

Astra Theme PageSpeed Insights Score = 71

3. GeneratePress

PageSpeed Insights Score = 86

GeneratePress Theme

GeneratePress is a theme with a PageSpeed score of 86, which can be improved with careful planning of content and images.

This theme achieves the speed by relying on minimalist design principles.

According to the developers, a default WordPress install with GeneratePress is less than 30kb in size. When you build a theme with that level of clutter-free code, it’s natural that the end result will be a fast loading theme.

GeneratePress is also compliant with WCAG 2.0 standards, which makes it an accessibility-friendly theme (something that’s not found in most other themes).

It’s also translated in over 20 popular languages, so learning your way around it is not difficult.

GeneratePress Theme PageSpeed Insights Score = 86

4. Storefront

PageSpeed Insights Score = 73

Storefront Theme

Storefront is an official WooCommerce theme, developed by Automattic, so it’s natural that it has got some serious upsides over other themes.

As far as speed is concerned, it has got a moderate PageSpeed Insights score of 73. That’s not a bad score, especially when you consider the fact that using this theme makes your website compatible by default with all WordPress plugins, WooCommerce extensions, and WordPress updates.

It has also got Customizer support, which means you can see the changes you do to your site in real-time.

5. Neve by ThemeIsle

PageSpeed Insights Score = 88

Neve by ThemeIsle

Developed by ThemeIsle, Neve is another fast WooCommerce theme in our list with a PageSpeed score of 88.

Its tagline is “Create and Grow a Website, Fast”, and it has also got the features to make it happen.

Its mobile-first design approach, compatibility with AMP and focus on keeping the code clutter-free collectively make it one of the favorites for both entrepreneurs as well as search engines.

Your customers will also love it because your site will load quite quickly with it. It has also got plenty of customization options to help you customize every element of your site, from header to footer.

Neve by ThemeIsle PageSpeed Insights Score = 88

6. WoonderShop

PageSpeed Insights Score = 76 (Default Variant), 70 (Jungle Variant), 92 (Fab Variant)


WoonderShop is a unique WooCommerce theme in itself because it comes in 3 variants: a Default variant, a Jungle variant, and a Fab variant launched recently. All 3 variants are great, but each of them has its own distinctive qualities.

The Default variant has got a clean look that will make your site load really fast depending on how much images you’ve got.

Then there’s the Jungle variant, which looks inspired by Amazon’s web design.

And finally there’s a Fab variant launched recently, which looks designed specifically for fashion store websites.

The PageSpeed score of the Default variant is 76, while Jungle and Fab variants have a score of 70 and 92, respectively.

Woonder Shop PageSpeed Insights Score = 76

7. Divi

PageSpeed Insights Score = 94

Divi Theme

The Divi WordPress theme is the third-fastest theme in our list with a PageSpeed score of 94.

The best part about Divi is that it’s not just a theme – it has also got a solid page builder and 15 pre-designed website packs to help you set up almost any type of e-commerce site easily.

Each design comes with original graphics and photos, so you do not need to search for them in other places.

Divi also comes with many optimization features that can make promoting your site easier, like Bloom pop-ups to build marketing lists and Monarch social sharing functionality to promote your site easily on social media.

Divi is often considered to be one of the slow-loading WooCommerce themes, however, as page load speed depends on a variety of factors and not just the theme, we recommend that you assess your current site speed before moving ahead with Divi.

Divi Theme PageSpeed Insights Score = 94

8. OceanWP

PageSpeed Insights Score = 96

Ocean WP Theme

OceanWP is the second-fastest WooCommerce theme in our list with a PageSpeed score of 96.

According to its own website, it has been downloaded more than 2 million times, which explains its popularity. It has also got plenty of extensions that can be used to achieve a number of different purposes for your site.

The theme is also compatible with various page builders, so building your e-commerce site with it is effortless.

Ocean WP Theme PageSpeed Insights Score = 96

9. Shoppe

PageSpeed Insights Score = 65

Shoppe Theme

Shoppe WooCommerce theme, as its name suggests, is a theme developed specifically for e-commerce websites.

While its PageSpeed score of 65 puts it rather down in our list of the fastest WooCommerce themes, its features made it necessary for us to include it here.

Its demo sites allow you to set up your e-commerce store quickly, and the drag-and-drop page builder functionality can be used to make that process even quicker.

Moreover, there is no dearth of layouts in the theme to help you set up your store quickly – you get 14 header layouts, 9 archive layouts, and 6 footer layouts.

Shoppe Theme PageSpeed Insights Score = 65

10. Digital Pro

PageSpeed Insights Score = 90

Digital Pro

Digital Pro is a theme developed by StudioPress, the WordPress development company that developed the Genesis Framework. Therefore it’s not a surprise that the paid version of this theme also comes with the Genesis Framework.

The capabilities of this framework are already quite famous in the whole WordPress ecosystem, so we won’t go into those details here.

As far as the speed of the Digital Pro theme is concerned, it scores 90 on PageSpeed Insights. Clearly, it’s one of the fastest.

Digital Pro PageSpeed Insights Score = 90

11. Multishop

PageSpeed Insights Score = 67


The Multishop theme comes with a very clean and minimalist design. It’s based on Twitter’s Bootstrap framework and has been designed specifically for e-commerce websites.

Though its PageSpeed score is moderate at 67, it has got many unique benefits.

For instance, since it’s based on the Bootstrap framework, it loads without horizontal scrolling on all devices. It has also got a Drag and Drop Page Builder, multiple layouts, 600+ Google fonts and also a Child theme to help you play with the code without tampering with the main theme.

Multishop PageSpeed Insights Score = 67

12. Løge

PageSpeed Insights Score = 83

Loge Theme

Finally, we have the Løge theme, which comes with a PageSpeed score of 83. This is another theme built specifically for e-commerce websites, and it comes with custom Elementor, Weaver and Divi Page Builders to help you set up your online store quickly.

It’s SEO-optimized and its ‘Minimal’ product pages load even more quickly than the homepage.

Its Premium version also includes Premium support, which means all your issues with the theme are fixed at priority.

Loge Theme PageSpeed Insights Score = 67

Wrapping Up,

These were the 12 fastest WooCommerce themes that we could find based on their loading time.

The top 3 fastest WooCommerce themes are:

  • Shoptimizer
  • OceanWP
  • Divi

Keep in mind that the charts that we’ve provided for each of these themes are based on the loading speed of their demo sites. For your own site, the speed may vary depending on the images and other elements you include (i.e. how heavy your web pages are).

All these themes have got every necessary feature that you may need for building your eCommerce store, so you can choose any of them as per your requirements without deliberating about it a lot.

That’s it. We are done. Now, over to you!

Make a choice and get going! And don’t forget to share the theme you choose with us, in the comments section below!

Disclosure: Some of the links in this blog post might be affiliate links. When you purchase through a link on our website, we receive a small commission, at no added cost to you, which helps us run Epitrove and keep producing great content. This does not influence our recommendations; we only recommend products we work with or love. Thank you for your support!


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