Seller Registration

Why should I sell my Product on Epitrove?

Epitrove is a marketing innovation platform that hosts a variety of WordPress products. Being an EpiSeller gives you an opportunity to tap into a much wider audience and be a part of innovative marketing strategies that help grow your business.

How do I register as an EpiSeller on Epitrove?

To register as a Seller, i.e., become an EpiSeller, all you have to do is create an EpiSeller Account from the Seller Registration page. Once your account is approved, you’ll be able to start uploading products right away.

What are the Terms and Conditions for EpiSeller registration?

We have a detailed list of rules and responsibilities for EpiSellers. You can find the complete list of Terms and Conditions on the EpiSeller Registration page.


What is Epitrove’s Licensing System?

Epitrove has a simple licensing system for WordPress products based on the support and updates offered. There are 2 license types - Annual and Lifetime. The duration of license— stated next to the product price at the time of purchase— will guarantee free support and upgrades from the time of purchase until the specified duration. Licenses are a means of preventing unsolicited copy and resale. In addition, they enable us to compensate you for your effort in the development and maintenance of your product.

What is the Epitrove Helper plugin?

The Epitrove Helper plugin helps Epitrove customers to manage licenses of all installed products on a single page in the dashboard. It also takes care of managing updates of Epitrove hosted products. Therefore it is mandatory for your product customers to have this plugin installed.

How do I integrate the License into my product?

To integrate the platform License into your product, all you have to do is, add these two lines in your plugin’s main file or in theme’s functions.php to make your product compatible with Epitrove.

if( file_exists( __DIR__ . '/epitrove-helper-installer.php' ) ){

require_once __DIR__ . '/epitrove-helper-installer.php'; }

When you upload a product zip on Epitrove, the system adds two files in the root directory of your product inside the zip file:



epitrove-helper-installer.php file contains the code to show the notice to install ‘Epitrove Helper’ plugin & handle the installation of it. If your product’s customer installs your plugin/theme directly and skips the installation of Epitrove Helper plugin, then this file can kick in and show him/her the message to install Epitrove Helper plugin. But in order to make this happen, you will have to add above-mentioned code in your plugin’s main file or in theme’s functions.php.

epitrove-config.php file contains the required information to identify your product on Epitrove Platform. Licensing requests like activation, deactivation or update check triggered from the client’s website use this information to interact with Epitrove’s Licensing API.

Things to keep in mind:

Product zip should only contain code related to the product encapsulated inside a directory. For example, let’s say you create a plugin ‘Hello’, then its zip file should look like this


└── hello (directory)

└── hello.php (main plugin file)

└── uninstall.php

└── readme.txt

└── screenshot-1.jpg

Folder name of your free & premium plugin/theme must be different.

Is it necessary to add the Epitrove License for my Product?

Yes, absolutely. Integrating the Licensing system is mandatory if you want to host your product on Epitrove.

Uploading Products

How can I upload my Product on Epitrove?

Once you have registered as an EpiSeller and logged into your account, you will see a ‘Add New Product’ tab in the Dashboard. Click on it to start uploading your products.

What do I need to upload my Product on Epitrove?

There are a few things you need to keep ready while uploading your product. These include:

  • Tagline, meta description, and banner text for your product
  • Original content about the features and benefits of the product
  • .zip files of your product/s with the licensing system integrated
  • High resolution images that display the product features clearly
  • Product logo
  • Pricing details if yours is a freemium/premium product
  • Latest compatibility details about the plugin version, compatible WordPress version, etc.
  • Detailed product description and changelog
  • Your payment details
I’m facing a problem while uploading the Product. What do I do?

Check to see if you have missed out filling a step during the process due to which the upload is not going through. If everything looks fine but you still cannot figure out the problem, feel free to contact Akshay Deshmukh ([email protected]), our Product Management Expert, who will guide you through the entire upload process.

Product Content

What content do I need while uploading the Product?

You will need original content about your product ready on hand while uploading your Product. This includes:

  • Tagline for your product
  • Short, meta description (50-70 words)
  • One-line text for the Banner
  • Detailed features and benefits of your product
What are Epitrove’s content guidelines?

We advise that you frame all the product-related content in a simple and straightforward manner. Highlight the core benefits of the product such that the audience can see exactly how it is beneficial for them. All the content should be original, unpublished, and grammatically sound.

Epitrove does not entertain false claims, obscene language, and plagiarised content. We have content filters in place that check for such content and prevent it from being published. In addition, all content is moderated by our team before publishing. To avoid any publication-related issues, we advise that you write clear, precise, and original content for your Product.

Quality Review

How long will it take Epitrove to review the Product I’ve uploaded?

The Product Review process can take anywhere between 3 days to a week, depending on the existing workload. However, we shall get back to you within 7 working days at the most.

How do I know if my Product has been Approved?

You shall receive an email from Epitrove informing you if your Product has been Approved.

My Product was not Approved. What do I do?

If your product was rejected, the first thing you need to do is take a look at the reasons why. Update the product to comply with Epitrove’s Terms and Conditions and then resubmit it for approval after a minimum duration of 15 days.

In case you have any additional queries about how to re-submit the product, you can contact us on [email protected].

Seller Support

How does Product Support work on Epitrove?

We shall inform you immediately after a support request is raised by a customer. You will be able to see and respond to the query directly in your Dashboard. In case you require further details about the client’s website, such as FTP details and more, please get in touch with your Product Relations Manager.

What are my support obligations?

Keeping customer satisfaction in mind, we expect all EpiSellers to respond to a support request within 24 hours. Also, once you have figured out the exact problem the customer is facing, we encourage you to provide a solution as early as possible.

How do I update my Product?

To update your Product, login to your EpiSeller account and go to your Product page. Click on Update/Edit Product and proceed to update the relevant information. You will also have to upload the updated .zip file for the product with the Licensing system integrated.

How often do I have to update my Product?

There is no specific interval after which you are expected to update your Product. However, we recommend updating it at least once every 3 months to ensure that it is compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and all dependent plugins.

Seller Earnings

What is Epitrove’s commission rate for EpiSellers?

Epitrove offers 50% commission per sale to EpiSellers. This is deposited in the EpiSeller’s account every time a purchase is made.

What is the payment policy?

Epitrove credits the commission from every sale to the EpiSeller’s account. The amount is retained for a minimum of 15 days and then credited to the EpiSeller’s linked bank account.

How can I withdraw money from my EpiSeller account?

To withdraw money from your EpiSeller account, you need to request a withdrawal, once the amount has been credited. The money is deposited in your bank account after the withdrawal request is approved.

Where can I track my earnings?

You can track all your earnings in the EpiSeller Dashboard inside your account. Click on ‘My Earnings’ and you shall see a complete list of your products, the number of licenses sold, and the current remuneration in your Wallet.


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