September 27, 2019

6 Best Quiz Plugins for WordPress to Create Engaging Quizzes

So, you’ve got traffic on your website. Great!

But how much of that traffic actually engages with your website? And more importantly, how many visitors keep coming back? If your answer is not a lot, then you might have to invest a little more time working on user engagement.

And let me tell you why.

Engaged users buy products. If they like these products they tell others about your brand, and eventually, become loyal customers. Which was the whole point of getting users onto your website right?

Lucky for you, there’s a simple way to keep the attention of your audience: Make your content interesting & engaging. Add videos, images, GIFs, infographics or even better, go ahead and use the internet’s favourite new thing: Quizzes!

How do Quizzes help User Engagement?

Quizzes are usually associated with boring e-learning courses or studies, but they are a great way to increase user engagement!

Quizzes pique curiosity. Once people are hooked onto a question, they want to know what the answer is.

It’s basic human psychology.And the best thing is, they can be incorporated into almost any genre of business.

Run an all-natural shampoo company? Have a quiz about “What hair type are you?”; or if your website offers a subscription service for flowers, add a “What flower suits your personality?” quiz.

The possibilities are endless!

Quizzes work because they are based on the Principle of Reciprocity – the reader gets something in return for the time they’ve invested on your website.

They are also an excellent way to carry out market research or get feedback.

If 60% of users complain of a dry scalp on your “Which herbal shampoo should you use?” quiz, that’s what you focus on with your next product.

And most importantly, they break up the monotony of your website by lending it a fun and enjoyable vibe!

But how do you add engaging quizzes like that to your own website? Well, we curated a list of 6 quiz plugins to make your job easier!

Best Quiz plugins for WordPress to Create Engaging Quizzes

1. WP Quiz Pro

From cliche personality quizzes to quizzes for Facebook, WP Quiz Pro has you covered!
It is a comprehensive plugin with advanced customization options for everything you need.

WP Quiz Pro helps you create ‘viral’ quizzes meant for Facebook. These quizzes are fun, easily shareable, and a good way to engage new users across social media.

It comes with a separate Facebook quiz type template -‘Share on Facebook’ – to see results option & dynamic image generation based on results that can be easily shared on Facebook.

WP Quiz Pro lets you create all kinds of quizzes including Trivia, Personality, Swiper, List, Flip, Facebook Quiz type. Make them engaging with support for images/videos in questions as well as answers, randomization, question timers and countdowns.

Get insights into the needs of your customer base. Observe how visitors are answering your questions & even get user-specific data. You can even see which user gets what result with which quiz (Try to say that 5 times quickly :P).

WP Quiz Pro comes with a multitude of functionalities that you can add to your quizzes to Increase subscribers & add to your mailing list:

Ask for key details before users start the quiz, ask to login or register to see results, ask to subscribe with email ID to see the result, share on Facebook to see the results, see how many people have subscribed to your list because of the quiz and see what works for your website

With Open Graph integration, WP Quiz Pro helps you create easily shareable result pages that make sharing results on social media a breeze.

2. Quiz Cat

Quiz Cat lets you create unlimited quizzes with an unlimited number of questions. Quiz Cat is a fairly simple plugin that also works on Gutenberg, cutting down your job of making quizzes to just clicking a few buttons (and coming up with the questions of course :p)

With Quiz Cat you can create the test quiz and the personality quiz, which are the most popular quiz types.

Add fun and eye-catching images to your start page and questions to attract users and keep them engaged till the end of the Quiz!

You can also write your own headlines and result descriptions to make them quirky & interesting. Turn them into something players would want to share using the very conveniently placed social sharing buttons.

Embed quizzes to Post or Pages for easy visibility and integration into the content on your website.

An excellent feature that Quiz Cat offers is it lets you ask for email ids before you display results. This is a great tactic to grow your mailing list & subscribers. This way you can send them regular updates on what’s new and keep them coming back to your website!

Quiz Cat also makes it really easy for you to understand user behaviour with analytics reports. It additionally integrates Facebook Pixel that helps you track ad conversions and events on Facebook.

3. Quiz and Survey Master

Quiz and Survey Master is great for creating feedback surveys and quizzes with different kinds of questions. This can be used for event feedback, surveys for market research, student exam quizzes, and more.

The free version of Quiz and Survey Master is quite sufficient to create engaging quizzes with all the required features. That being said getting the premium add ons will help you enhance your user experience.

The hardest type of users to keep engaged are students. With Quiz and Survey Master create test quizzes with multiple choice, true or false, drop down, checkboxes, captchas, fill in the blanks and even add mathematical formulas into your quiz.

Keep users on their feet by changing up the question formats & avoid fatigue during long quizzes. You can also schedule when a quiz is active, specify the number of tries allowed, add a timer, and enable hints.

Quiz and Survey Master lets you grade a question as incorrect/correct or have a point-based format. You can also categorize questions and show category-wise scores along with average category score to motivate users to retake quizzes and do better.

With Premium Add ons you can also integrate Google Analytics tracking, URL parameters, MailChimp, and more for additional functionalities.

4. Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker by OpinionStage

Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker does exactly what its name suggests — it helps you create interactive content in the form of polls, surveys, forms, and quizzes!

Now, we know that polls and surveys are a convenient and effective way to conduct market research, contact forms are great to receive feedback while Buzzfeed-style quizzes are the perfect ‘viral’ content that generates quality leads. This plugin gives you all of that neatly tied up with a bow!

This plugin makes it really easy to create and add the above to your posts and pages with hundreds of handy templates. All designs are completely responsive so users get the best experience on all devices

You can even display polls and survey results in real-time! This, in a way, encourages the user to also add their vote. Whether the opinion they relate to has greater votes or the least, either way, it prompts the user to show support by voting.

Create intelligent surveys and quizzes using branch logic, which means you can decide the next question that is to be asked based on the answer to the previous one. This way the quiz can be interesting & different every time a visitor takes it!

I don’t know about you, but I would definitely take such a quiz multiple times to see if I could get all the possible results.

Poll, Survey, Form, and Quiz Maker lets you analyze, optimize, and improve with the help of Reports and Statistics on all your quizzes. Integration with MailChimp, Zapier and more.

5. ARI – Stream Quiz by ARI Soft

ARI – Stream Quiz helps you create popular trivia quizzes and personality quizzes similar to the BuzzFeed-style quizzes with catchy headlines that none of us can resist clicking on.

Who doesn’t want to know what kind of fruit they are or what Game of Thrones character they would be???

With ARI-Stream Quiz you can embed quizzes right into post or pages or into an IFRAME element using shortcodes. Create custom result templates that display dynamic result images and text based on the user’s performance and keeps things interesting.

The plugin integrates ActiveCampaign, AWeber, ConstantContact, Drip, GetResponse, MailChimp, MailerLite and Zapier for easy lead capture from created quizzes.

You can use the Sharing Tab to configure share buttons for and the content to be displayed with the shared result on social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, VKontakt or by email.

Create completely responsive quizzes that look great on every screen and load with AJAX for faster loading speed with the ARI – Stream Quiz.

6. Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder helps you create complex branching quizzes with dynamic content. These kinds of powerful quizzes help you get insights that can help you grow your business.

You can create 4 types of quizzes based on the type of result you want to display: Number type, Percentage type, Category type, Right/Wrong type. This gives you the freedom of creating engaging quizzes for all that suit your requirements — trivia, lists, personality, educational tests, and more.

The intuitive quiz builder helps you create stunning quizzes with no code and minimal efforts. The setup wizard & troubleshooter ensure your quizzes work perfectly.

Thrive Quiz Builder also gives you access to detailed analytics that includes insights into how many users start the quiz, how many finish the quiz, where do the ones that don’t finish lose interest, how the questions are answered and social shares.

Thrive Quiz even lets AB test your results & splash pages. Use this information to improve your strategy & create better, more engaging quizzes.

Dynamic content on result pages will help you personalise your customer experience while the badge editor will help you create social sharing badges that encourage them to share these results. You can also segment your mailing list based on user’s interests to send out more personalised content.

Answering the Big Question – Which Quiz Plugin Should I Use?

Let’s keep this very simple, all the plugins listed above will get the job done. They’ll help you create engaging quizzes and help boost your user engagement. So let’s just get straight to the point

If you’re looking for a plugin with a comprehensive set of advanced features: Use WP Quiz Pro, Thrive Quiz Builder, or ARI Stream Quiz

If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly plugin: Quiz and Survey Master is a free, simple plugin with a lot of customization options. You can also go for ARI Stream Quiz or Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker which have quite reasonably priced starter plans.

If you’re looking for a simple plugin that is easy to use: Quiz Cat is simple, easy to set up and use and create quizzes in no time. WP Quiz Pro or Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker might also be a good choice as they come with a lot of quiz templates that could simplify your job

If you’re looking to create advanced quizzes: Thrive Quiz builder is the plugin you need. It lets you create complex quizzes easily. Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker also helps you make intelligent quizzes with branch logic.

Aaand that’s all folks!

What other features do you look for in a quiz plugin? Did you choose one from the plugins we’ve recommended or go for a different one? Make sure to drop us a comment and let us know!

Happy Quizzing!

Disclosure: Some of the links in this blog post might be affiliate links. When you purchase through a link on our website, we receive a small commission, at no added cost to you, which helps us run Epitrove and keep producing great content. This does not influence our recommendations; we only recommend products we work with or love. Thank you for your support!

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