October 22, 2019

9 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins (2019) – Compared

Nothing beats live chat when it comes to customer support systems. It not only empowers you to provide exceptional service with real-time assistance but helps you resolve your users’ concerns immediately.

Using a contact form isn’t sufficient these days since it takes more time and gives your potential customer a chance to search for his requirements elsewhere. Live chat, on the other hand, lets you connect with your potential buyers instantly and hence, increase the probability of conversion.

personal live chat assistance - mobile view

Your website serves the purpose of informing users or encouraging them to buy your product. However, if you offer them swift and personal assistance, it is sure to delight them.

Not just that, you can even start a conversation with a casual user who might be a potential customer in the future. At any rate, you can get them to spend more time on your website and decrease the bounce rate.

Now the question is, how do you integrate this live chat feature into your WordPress website? And what exactly are the advantages of using a WordPress Live Chat plugin?

Well, here’s how and why.

Advantages of Using a Live Chat Plugin

Live chat helps resolve Buyers’ queries right away

Over two-thirds of eCommerce users abandon their shopping carts without buying anything. The most common reason? Uncertainty.

Customers have questions about the product that they want to be answered before buying a product. It’s a no-brainer that getting instant answers bumps up their satisfaction levels and make them pull out their wallets.

Live chat helps build a positive brand image

Apart from boosting sales, live chat support builds a positive impression of your brand.

Buyers feel good that you are making an effort to reach out to them and solve their queries. It is a reflection of the kind of customer support they will get after they have actually purchased the plugin. In such a scenario, when your company is being judged for the value it offers, great live chat support can tip the scales in your favor.

To assist you in your search for the best live chat plugin for your WordPress website, we’ve shortlisted some options below. Our comparison is based on features, ease of use, and of course, pricing.

Here goes.

1. WP Live Chat Support

WP Live Chat Support

WP Live Chat Support is a free WordPress plugin to add live chat functionality to your website. It provides an easy to use interface right inside your WordPress dashboard. There’s no need to buy any subscriptions as the free version provides all the features that other plugins charge you for. Everything is hosted on your own server though there’s an option to host it on their server to reduce the load on your website.

Best Features of WP Live Chat Support

  • Unlimited chat history
  • Unlimited number of agents
  • Unlimited conversations per month
  • Agent-to-Agent chats supported
  • Set up departments for handling chats
  • Chats can be transferred to another Agent
  • Chatbox can be dragged anywhere by users
  • Add animations to the chatbox
  • Ban visitors based on IP address
  • Customer satisfaction ratings for every chat
  • Pre-defined responses can be set up for chats
  • Compatible with translation plugins and supports 25+ languages

WP Live Chat Support – Plugin Screenshots (v8.1.1)

WP Live Chat Support Dashboard
WP Live Chat Support Dashboard
WP Live Chat Support Settings
WP Live Chat Support Settings
WP Live Chat Support Chat Widget
WP Live Chat Support Chat Widget

WP Live Chat Support – Pros and Cons

Unlimited chat agentsLimited integrations
Compatible with translation plugins and supports 25+ languagesNo chatbots
Customer satisfaction ratings for every chat

Pricing: Free

Get WP Live Chat Support

2. Tidio Live Chat

Tidio Live Chat

Tidio is another WordPress chat support plugin that offers a generous free version. It has a modern design for both frontend and backend, and the chat boxes can be customized to match your branding.

The plugin offers three support agents in the free version, which should be enough for small businesses.

There’s no limit on chat history and conversations per month. What’s even better is that you get chatbots in the free versions though it’s limited to 100 triggers per month.

There are two premium add-ons that you can buy for increased functionality. First is Chatbots that increases the chatbot triggers to unlimited and the other is Communicator that lets you add more agents ($10 per agent), see live typing preview of the user and his viewed pages and much more.

Best Features of Tidio Live Chat for WordPress

  • Up to 3 chat operators for lifetime
  • 100+ chatbot triggers per month
  • Email integration with service providers like MailChimp and GetResponse
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Mobile and desktop conversations supported
  • Create automatic responses in advance to ensure that common buyer queries are answered right away
  • Add visitor notes for every person that chats with the operator
  • Get a live preview of what visitors are typing
  • Get a list of all the live visitors on the website to initiate a chat
  • Set up incoming visitor notifications

Tidio Live Chat – Plugin Screenshots (v3.5.0)

Tidio live chat WordPress Dashboard
Tidio live chat WordPress Dashboard
Tidio animated chatbots
Tidio animated chatbots
Tidio live chat frontend chat widget

Tidio Live Chat Plugin for WordPress – Pros and Cons

Easy to set upToo many features if all you need is a live chat functionality
Beautiful designs
Chatbots included
Multiple integration options with email and analytics software
Unlimited chat history

Free Plan: $0

Chatbots: $15/month
Communicator: $15/month

Get Tidio Live Chat for WordPress

3. Zendesk Chat

Zendesk is one of the leading helpdesk support software providers. Recently, they acquired Zopim, a live chat support provider and rebranded it as Zendesk Chat. If you are already using Zendesk for their helpdesk support, you can avail of seamless integration between the two products.

The chatbox is customizable and has various templates that can be used for reference. The features, however, are better than others.

In the free version, you get one concurrent chat and 30-day chat history. It also integrates smoothly with WordPress, Salesforce, and many other services. The paid plans start at $14 per month and go all the way to $59 per month.

Important Note: Zendesk is a standalone sales and helpdesk software that can be integrated with WordPress with this Zendesk Chat integration plugin. You need to create a free account and sign up for one of the Free/Paid plans to continue using the Live Chat feature on your website.

Best Features of Zendesk Chat

  • Send personalized messages to buyers instead of one common message, based on their activity on your website.
  • Use pre-defined chat forms and offline forms to connect with buyers even when you are away
  • Send images, PDFs, or GIFs through the chat form to help your customer understand your product better
  • Track chat volume
  • Measure the productivity of your operators
  • Monitor data in real-time
  • Set business goals and track performance to see if those targets are being achieved
  • Completely customizable front-end widgets
  • Add tags to chats to understand your customers better
  • Create schedules of operating hours so people know when you are online and when you are not
  • Control Operator access within the dashboard by assigning different user roles
  • 40+ languages supported
  • Integration with all major software including Google Analytics, Zendesk, Salesforce, MailChimp, etc.
  • Has several other integrations in the Zendesk apps marketplace.

Zendesk Live Chat for WordPress – Plugin Screenshots (v1.4.15)

Zendesk frontend chat widget
Zendesk frontend chat widget
Zendesk account linking interface
Zendesk account linking interface
Zendesk admin dashboard
Zendesk admin dashboard

Zendesk Chat for WordPress – Pros and Cons

Personalized messages for visitorsToo advanced if you are looking for a simple Live Chat feature
Track operator productivityNot a native WordPress plugin
Advanced analytics and user trackingLimited features in the Free version
Highly customizable interface
40+ languages supported


Lite: $0
Team: $14 per agent per month
Professional: $29 per agent per month
Enterprise: $59 per agent per month

Get Zendesk Chat for WordPress.

4. LiveChat


LiveChat is one of the best WordPress chat plugins available in the market. With a ton of useful features in terms of interface and functionality, it is aimed at providing both you and your customers with something easy to use.

Not just chat support, it offers a full-fledged ticketing system so that you don’t need any other helpdesk service. When no operators are available, the ticketing system ensures that your customers get the required support all the time.

The chat boxes are highly customizable to suit your branding.

Like Zendesk, LiveChat is a standalone chat software and has a separate WordPress integration plugin.

Though you can download their WordPress plugin for free, you’ll need a premium subscription to use it beyond the 14-day trial period. Starting $16 per month per seat (logged in agent), you get a 60-day chat history and unlimited agent accounts. You get unlimited agent accounts in all the plans and pay only for the agents logged in at the same time.

According to its website, LiveChat can be integrated with over 170 apps from different categories, including eCommerce, CRM, CMS, email marketing, helpdesk, analytics, and many more.

Best Features of LiveChat plugin for WordPress

  • Predefined responses for frequently asked questions
  • Complete customization of chat widget
  • Send and receive files over chat
  • Allow users to rate chats and operators
  • Store messages as tickets when you are offline and answer them when you get back
  • Initiate conversations with potential customers based on user activity
  • Add surveys to live-chat windows to get immediate feedback
  • Export chat logs and user data for further analysis
  • Multi-channel chat supported
  • Get analytics reports to understand areas of optimization
  • Get transcripts of all live chats
  • Ban trolls from your website to avoid wasting time
  • Integrates with all major page builders and e-commerce plugins for WordPress

LiveChat for WordPress – Plugin Screenshots (v3.8.2)

LiveChat widget styling and customization
LiveChat widget styling and customization
LiveChat operator dashboard
LiveChat operator dashboard
LiveChat user tracking page
LiveChat user tracking page

Pros and Cons of LiveChat for WordPress

Add surveys to live-chat windows to get immediate feedbackNo free plan available; premium plans are relatively expensive
Export chat logs and user data for further analysisLimited features in Starter Plan, which makes it necessary to purchase higher-tier plans
Get transcripts of all live chats
Multi-channel chat supported – Connect with customers through your website as well as social media platforms

Starter: $16 per month per logged-in agent
Team: $33 per month per logged-in agent
Business: $50 per month per logged-in agent
Enterprise: Custom pricing

Get LiveChat for WordPress

5. Olark

Olark: Live Chat

Olark is another live chat solution that offers a detailed set of features. Although it’s not an ideal example of a WordPress plugin, it easily integrates with the world’s most popular blogging platform.

It has all the basic features that all others in this list have including customizable chatboxes, insights and reporting, automation, and integrations.

In terms of pricing, their model is based on duration, rather than the features. This means you get all the features regardless of the size of your team. You only pay for the logged-in agent. Olark can be integrated with the most popular tools, including helpdesks, CRMs, and Google Analytics.

Additionally, they offer addons called PowerUps. These bring some additional features like screen sharing, white-labeling, live chat translation, and more.

Best Features of Olark Chat for WordPress

  • Highly customizable chatbox that lets you modify it as per your brand
  • Create departments for routing chats
  • Set up pre-defined chat responses
  • Real-time updates for user activity, agent interaction, chat volume, and customer satisfaction
  • Customizable chatbox forms
  • View visitor details as you chat with them
  • Share JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF, and TXT files within the chat
  • PowerUps for advanced features
  • Create a shared database of common responses which are to be used across departments
  • Integrates with CRMs, helpdesk software, analytics software, and more

Olark Chat for WordPress – Plugin Screenshots (v1.0.9)

Olark operator dashboard
Olark operator dashboard
Olark agent activity dashboard
Olark agent activity dashboard
Olark chatbox widget
Olark chatbox widget

Olark Chat for WordPress – Pros and Cons

Highly customizable chatboxAnalytics options are limited
Departments for routing chatsPremium plans are relatively expensive
Shared database of common responses 
View visitor details as you chat with them

One plan with different costs for monthly/annual/biennial subscription
Monthly: $17 per agent per month
1 Year: $15 per agent per month
2 Years: $12 per agent per month

Get Olark for WordPress

6. WP-Chatbot for Facebook Messenger Custom Chat

WP-Chatbot for Facebook Messenger Customer Chat – WordPress live chat plugin

WP-Chatbot adds a Facebook Messenger live chat widget to your WordPress Website. In addition, it also integrates with your Facebook Business Page, thereby creating a seamless experience for your users.

The advantage of using WP-Chatbot is that it connects your website with one of the most popular social media platforms, thereby giving you unprecedented reach. You can tap into your Facebook audience along with the visitors on your website, and have all your chants in one place, instead of on separate platforms.

Best Features of WP-Chatbot

  • Complete integration with Facebook Messenger and Facebook Business Page
  • Provides a strong marketing channel along with traditional live chat
  • Continue website chats on Facebook Messenger
  • Canned responses for when you are away to ensure 24×7 availability
  • Single inbox for all Facebook, website, and other chat points
  • Teamwide access for uninterrupted conversations with clients
  • Customization options to make the chat reflect your brand
  • Select where the chat box is to be positioned
  • Selective display of live chat on all or specific pages
  • Custom greetings for logged-in users
  • Enable/Disable Facebook greetings
  • Complete chat history and contacts storage

WP-Chatbot – Plugin Screenshots

WP-Chatbot Chat widget at frontend
Source: wordpress.org
WP-Chatbot chat widget has multilingual support
Source: wordpress.org
WP-Chatbot backend settings
Source: wordpress.org

WP-Chatbot – Pros and Cons

Complete integration with Facebook Messenger and Facebook Business PageNot a core live chat plugin, used to integrates Facebook Messenger/Facebook chat bot into your website
Continue website chats on Facebook MessengerCannot be used as a standalone live chat system
Customization options to make the chat reflect your brand
Complete chat history and contacts storage
Custom greetings for logged-in users

Pricing: WP-Chatbot for Facebook Messenger Customer Chat

Base Plan – Free
WP-Chatbot WP-PRO – $98/year
WP-Chatbot PRO – $49/month
WP-Chatbot PRO Unicorn – $79/month
WP-Chatbot Team – $99/month

Get WP-Chatbot

7. Chaport


Chaport is a live chat solution for those with budget constraints. Their free plan is enough for small businesses offering unlimited chats and history along with unlimited registered operators. You get five operator seats in the free version, which means five operators can be online at the same time. You can pay for more agents if required. Their Pro plan costs $9.80 per agent per month.

Customization is limited to colors only in the free version. The pro version gives you more flexibility in customizing the colors, default texts, background, position, and message sound. It also lets you integrate your chat box with over 750+ apps through Zapier.

Best Features of Chaport Live Chat plugin for WordPress

  • Unlimited chats and history
  • Group chats
  • Chat widget customization
  • User reports tracking activity and feedback
  • Typing insights
  • Saved replies for frequently asked questions
  • Multilingual chat widget
  • Automatic chat invitations for users
  • Read receipts for messages
  • Detailed visitor info and notes
  • Tools for tracking operator productivity
  • Send chat transcripts via email
  • Integration with Google Analytics

Chaport for WordPress – Plugin Screenshots (v1.1.0)

Chaport chat widget
Chaport chat widget
Chaport operator dashboard
Chaport operator dashboard
Chaport Settings dashboard
Chaport Settings dashboard

Chaport for WordPress – Pros and Cons

Unlimited chat history in free version as wellNo screen sharing option
Group chatsAvailable documentation and support is average
Multilingual chat widgetNumber of integrations is less compared to the other plugins
Send chat transcripts via email
Pricing is relatively more affordable for small- and medium-scale businesses

Free: $0 upto 5 operators
Premium: $9.80* per operator per month
*when paid annually. Otherwise it is $14 per operator per month.

Get Chaport for WordPress.

8. Formilla


Formilla is an excellent live chat plugin for WordPress that offers both free and premium packages. The free version allows one agent, one concurrent chat, and up to 30 chats and offline per month.

If this is not sufficient, you can easily upgrade their paid plans starting $11.99 to remove these limits. It also enables real-time monitoring and integration with apps, including MailChimp, Zendesk, and Google Analytics.

Best Features of Formilla for WordPress

  • Integration across all device formats
  • Apps available for mobile, iPad, and Android
  • Visitor monitoring in real-time
  • Display custom messages to visitors depending on the medium of entry, browsing history on the website, etc.
  • Trigger live chat automatically after a fixed amount of time on the website
  • Customize chat widgets as per your brand colors and fonts
  • Request email address before starting a live chat
  • Zapier integration supported
  • Advanced search options for finding the relevant conversations for a buyer

Formilla for WordPress – Plugin Screenshots (v1.2)

Formilla dashboard
Formilla dashboard
Formilla live chat contacts
Formilla live chat contacts
Formilla activity monitoring screen
Formilla activity monitoring screen

Pros and Cons of Formilla for WordPress

Apps available for mobile, iPad, and AndroidLimited chats in the free version
Request email address before starting a live chat
Trigger live chat automatically
Advanced chat search options

Standard Plan: $0
Premium Plan: $11.99 per month for first agent. Next agents at discounted price. Additional discount on annual billing.
Premium Plus Plan: $19.99 per month for first agent. Next agents at discounted price. Additional discount on annual billing.

Get Formilla for WordPress.

9. Reve Chat for WordPress

Reve Chat for WordPress

REVE Chat goes one step beyond the standard live chat system and offers video and voice chats, as well as screen-sharing and co-browsing. Not just this, it also allows you to engage with your customers through Facebook messenger, Viber, and mobile apps. There is no free version, but there is a 14-day free trial which is more than enough to decide if it is worth your money.

To integrate REVE Chat with your WordPress website, you will need the REVE Chat WordPress integration plugin.

REVE Chat offers you advanced customizations so that you can match the chatbox to your website’s design precisely. You can integrate it with your favorite apps like eCommerce, CRM, and CMS. The basic plan lets you have three concurrent chats and keep your chat history for 30 days. To make it unlimited, you need to buy the Enterprise plan starting $13.5 per agent per month.

Best Features of REVE Chat for WordPress

  • Voice and video chats in addition to text chats
  • Integration with social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, Viber, etc.
  • Co-browsing and screen sharing supported
  • Automatic triggers for chats can be enabled
  • Customizable chat banners
  • Provide information to users about expected waiting time based on the availability
  • and workload of your agents
  • Monitor agent responses and performance in real-time
  • Receive customer feedback after every session
  • In-depth analytics about visitor interaction on multiple platforms other than your website
  • 20+ languages supported
  • Operator Dashboard is mobile-optimized

REVE Chat for WordPress – Plugin Screenshots (v5.0)

REVE Chatbox widget
REVE Chatbox widget
REVE Chatbox settings
REVE Chatbox settings
REVE Chat Operator dashboard
REVE Chat Operator dashboard

REVE Chat for WordPress – Pros and Cons

Co-browsing and screen sharing supportedDesign is dated
Customizable chat bannersNo built-in ticketing system
Operator Dashboard is mobile-optimizedNo email onboarding options
20+ languages supportedExpensive if you just need chat support

Standard Plan: $13.55 per agent per month
Advanced Plan: $22.5 per agent per month
Enterprise Plan: $45 per agent per month

Get REVE Chat for WordPress

Epitrove Recommends – Which is the Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin?

If you don’t want to spend a lot on a live chat plugin and are okay with a simple integrated live chat feature, go for WP Live Chat Support. It offers all the features for free, and everything is hosted on your server, so you are in control. You won’t be able to integrate it with other apps, but if your only aim is to help the visitors or answers their questions, it can be a good option.

If you need integrations as well, choose Tidio or Zendesk. They are great for extended live chat functionality, managing multiple operators, and tracking operator performance to the T.

If you have a larger budget, I’d recommend Olark. It’s a little more expensive than others, but the features it offers are worth those extra bucks.

And if voice chat or video chat is what you are looking for REVE Chat can be a good option, although you won’t be able to link those chats to your email account, not get a transcript of your chats for later reference.

Which live chat plugin would you choose? Do you recommend any others apart from the ones we’ve mentioned? Tell us your views in the comments section below!

Disclosure: Some of the links in this blog post might be affiliate links. When you purchase through a link on our website, we receive a small commission, at no added cost to you, which helps us run Epitrove and keep producing great content. This does not influence our recommendations; we only recommend products we work with or love. Thank you for your support!

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