About Us

When it comes to WordPress website development, the process is as important as the end result. We are here to make sure that your process is extraordinary!

Epitrove is a platform where WordPress users can find and explore all the plugins and themes they might need for setting up a website.

It started when we realized, the WordPress we all know and love is a place of paradoxes.

There are too many plugins. There are too few plugins. Themes that fit in your budget lack quality. Costly themes are, well, costly. Testing dozens of options is not viable. But buying a product without testing it out first is like throwing darts blindfolded and hoping you get a lucky hit.

So, we decided to create Epitrove.

  • A platform built on trust that makes the search for WordPress products easier.
  • A platform inspiring loyalty to help all genuine product developers grow.
  • A platform that will give you the products as they are, no sugarcoating, to help you find the one that is right for you.

We want to make these products easily accessible to buyers who value quality and security in WordPress. Our philosophy extends to our Product Sellers as well. We partner only with credible developers who take responsibility for their products and offer consistent quality and support.

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And the best part? Epitrove is universal. It has something for every member of the WordPress ecosystem.

If you have ever been in a situation like,
“Oh no! There are so many plugins for ‘X’ feature! Which one do I choose?
“Oh no! I’m not able to find a single plugin for ‘X’ feature! What do I do?”
Then, Epitrove is for You!

Join us in our journey towards a more systematic WordPress!